Friday, September 13, 2013

Top 10

One of the things I am able to do with this site is look at statistics related to the blog.
For the most part I don't pay too much attention to the numbers.
I don't actively post stuff to encourage new visitors or followers.
Half the time I don't see comments until months later and by then I feel as though I have been rude for missing the comments and responding so belatedly.
Out of curiosity (and at times when I am sitting on the couch drinking coffee with my computer on my lap), when my dog and my guy are napping, and when the world is quiet, I do a search to see what people are reading and responding to.
When I lived in Alaska there were many people reading this blog, and a good number posted comments.
Typically it was people who either already lived in Alaska and were pleased to see a pictorial record of someone's time in Juneau, or it was people doing research because they:
a) were considering moving to Juneau or
b) were preparing to board a cruise ship headed for Juneau.
While in Wyoming people found the blog when researching touristy places.
Places such as McCullough Peaks and Old Trail Town or the Irma Hotel and Yellowstone.
Beyond that I don't see patterns.  
People just happen to find the blog when researching all kinds of random, and sometimes obscure and unexpected things.  
I did a blog one time about kayaking naked and it gets a lot of hits.  
I posted a greeting card one time that had a saying that went something like "live life like you forgot to lock the gate" - complete with a picture of a cute puppy making a break for freedom, and it also has been well received.
I started this blog originally because I was in Alaska, LC and my oldest son were in Tennessee and my youngest son was in New Jersey and then Iraq.
I had friends and colleagues that I had known for years in Tennessee.
A blog was a place to put the hundreds upon hundreds of pictures I was taking, and I could do so thanks to a wonderful gift of a digital camera that my oldest son Sean gave to me.
He gave it to me not long before I left for Juneau, and up until that time I had never really been interested in photography.
A blog was a place to put pictures and a way to keep those I cared about up-to-date on what was happening in my new life.
A way to stay close to those I was close to.
I knew nothing of blogging when I started.  
I wish I had known what the little "Labels" icon was for when I started, and then I could categorize blogs by subject matter.  But (as the overused saying goes "it is what it is").
Some people have been reading this thing for a long time.  
Friends I know personally.  
Friends I know only through cyber space.  
And I think perhaps a friend or two I don't even know about.
Since January 2010 until September 2013, my LC and my Jamie and I have traveled and lived in Alaska and Wyoming and Tennessee and Wyoming and Idaho.
Perhaps the stuff that blogs are made of.
Certainly the stuff that lives are made of..
And at that point I had better stop because.

As of this writing, this blog (that has been named and renamed and renamed again) has been read 68,799 times.
I should change the "About Me" section because it is all wrong and none of it applies anymore and that's not even me anymore - but I can't bring myself to do it just yet.
Don't be surprised if one day the "About Me" section is just gone because I don't want to write anything new there.
Just leave it blank Karin...............

These are the Top 10 Blog Posts to date (in order from least read to most read):

10.  Juneau Maritime Festival

9.  A Walk Downtown

8.  Thirsty Dog To Water

7.  Winter In Juneau

6.  Wild Mustangs and McCullough Peaks

5.  Our Trip and Reunion - Part 2 (Ketchikan)

4.  Living A Different Adventure

3.  Old Trail Town

2.  Bear Sighting

1.  Templeton Library At Sewanee

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