Monday, June 30, 2014

Moore Car And Tractor Show

A couple of days ago we drove to Moore to check out their annual Car and Tractor Show.
Moore is a tiny community that is located half way between Arco and Mackay.
It's a drive-by community.
A place that barely registers on the radar of most people who are coming from somewhere and driving to somewhere else.
Moore generally isn't that "somewhere".
And I love it there.
It has a gas station (complete with an unexpected and well-stocked hardware section in back), a couple of handfuls of homes, and not much else.
Moore is also filled with large farms, quiet and hard-working people, and the most beautiful mountain ranges that you could ever ask for.
One of those mountains is King Mountain, and Moore is the annual and temporary home of major hang gliding adventurers throughout the summer: 
A couple of days ago LC, Kory and I yard saled our way to Moore, in search of the car show.................
I had walked with my dog on a gravel road that leads out of Atomic City for an hour before LC finally caught up with us and we headed north.
By the time we arrived at the car show both LC and I realized that bringing Kory with us had been a mistake.
Fun 1950's and 60's music was loudly blaring, kids were bouncing on the huge and colorful inflatables, and the entire Tiny Town Park was filled with both people and old vehicles.
An overheated dog, a lot of noise, a lot of people and cars translated into a place that was not much fun for an energetic young dog.
LC and I ended up taking turns sitting with Kory in the shade under the trees on the outer edges of the park, and then taking turns walking through the park looking at the cars, trucks, motorcycles, tractors and more.
I have absolutely nothing intelligent to say about the cars, what engines they have in them, how quickly they can go from 0 to 60, which ones are fuel injected or not fuel injected, or what specific year companies changed from one body style to another, so I won't even try to fake it.
I think the phrase "throttle body engine" should be tossed in there somewhere as well, but I'm not 100% sure.
Pictures that I power-snapped of the event.................