Thursday, February 17, 2011

Living A Different Adventure

This will be my final blog entry for a while.  We are leaving Juneau Alaska soon, and heading back down to the Lower 48.  Not sure where just yet - maybe northern Arizona.  Maybe Montana.  Somewhere for a month or so for now, just so that we can regroup, catch our breath and rest.  Somewhere away from people.  I don't want to be around people for a while............

I gave it everything I had.  Did two jobs for eight months.  Fought the politics with all the energy I could muster.  Tried to make the changes they wanted me to make and when it all hit the fan no-one was watching my back.

So I resigned and that wasn't enough.  My name and my professional reputation have been slandered and I walked away a month earlier than it says in the two line letter of resignation that I handed in a few weeks ago.

Juneau is the most beautiful place I have ever lived.  I loved living in Alaska.  You always hear stories about how rugged the landscape is.  How inhospitable the weather is.  How treacherous the mountains can be.  It wasn't the weather or landscape that did me in.  It was lying, conspiratorial, back-stabbing people I dealt with on a daily basis, and the toxic, ever changing, dysfunctional and unsupportive workplace that finally won out.

A few people from work want to know what they could have done differently or what the take away from this experience is.  The take away from this is that I gave up everything I had in Tennessee to commit to a job and establish a new life here in Juneau.  And I got fucked over.

I told someone quite a while back that the politics in Juneau was bad, and that I was afraid it was more than I could overcome.  It WAS more than I could overcome.  And now I have brought two young managers from across the country to this place and left them in a meat grinder.  I wish them the best and hope that they have enough sense to get out early if it gets too bad.

I worked for the City and Borough of Juneau.

Currently I am uncertain whether or not to continue this blog and just rename it when I get squared away somewhere or just start a new blog.  

Regardless, thank you to everyone who reads this thing.  I appreciate all of you taking the time.



  1. And life goes on ....... I think this will turn out to be a good thing and better days are around the corner.

  2. life is a meat grinder with people no matter where you go goes on and one must just endure and cope until you can find that one place that is is not the corporate world, make your own living somehow and be really doesn't take much when you finally realize what is and isn't important to survival....hope you find happiness soon.

  3. JUEANU is a place that is run by the same backdoor, under the table, cowardly, dishonest standards as Washington DC.

    There are some of the most cowardly people I have come across running this town.......not one of them; not even one; has the courage to step forward, and do what they know is right.

    I had to leave here for a few weeks just to cool off, so I wouldn't do something I would regret.....I despise back stabbing cowards.

    That's alright, we will be out of here, and clear of these cowards, they must look at themsleves in the mirror everyday, knowing that they are cowards, and that they are stuck in this "Shithole" that they have created..........if you ever want to travel to Alaska, do so, it's a beautiful place,......"but go somewhere other than Juneau" they hate outsiders, and they talk about the tourist like they are trash....after they have taken the tourist dollars, and the vistors are gone.

    Screw all of these cowardly lowlife's.......there isn't a decent person in the whole bunch that runs this sleezy place.

    I feel sorry for the decent people in Juneau, and there are many of them living outside of downtown, they have to put up with mass corruption.

    If any of the affore mentioned gutless cowards happen to read what I wrote.......well,you know every word of what I wrote is the truth, and if ya don't like it you know where I am.

    I'm taking her out of here to a place where trash like you can't touch her, ever again.

  4. I'll miss your blog. We are considering moving to Alaska this summer. Now I wonder. Any advice to someone hoping to live there? Thanks.

  5. I'm sad to hear you are leaving. I've lurked here for over a year & this blog is part of what brought me back to Juneau. We 'haunt' many of the same trails & beaches but I never ran into you guys.

    I admit I'm flummoxed at the vitriol against Juneau & especially 'downtown'. I live downtown & all my neighbors have been here 35 + years - great, nice, low key people. However, none of them work in/for the government here. I think any capitol in any state is going to be filled with power hungry folks unfortunately. I just stay out of it. I've lived in other tourist driven towns too & there is always a love/hate relationship. Anyway, I hope you continue your blog wherever you are & good luck. It's terrible to be somewhere you hate - I felt that way about Wasilla & got outta dodge - to each their own - some folks love it there. Good luck to you both & dear Jamie!

  6. I'm sorry to hear that your Juneau experience was not totally positive. I faithfully read your blog to vicariously live the Juneau dream, as you will recall I didn't get to start my own.

    I lived many years in Northern Arizona. I would go there given a chance! I wish the best for you where ever you end up. Good luck!

  7. Hey Karin, I am sure the future holds great things for you, happy tails, keep in touch...Mindy

  8. Sorry that you are having such a tough time. I was going to move to Juneau years ago but kept getting vibes about how women can be treated there. I am so glad that LC is back and you are moving on together. I have greatly enjoyed your blog and wish you the very best wherever you decide to live. I'll tell you that I moved to Oregon and have been shocked at how cold people here can be. Very different from the warm, loving, caring, connected people that I'm used to on the East Coast. Best of Luck to all three of you!