Monday, November 7, 2011

Tullahoma - Part 2

The picture above is my favorite picture from today.
It is just a simple picture.
One section of one tree found in one person's yard while I was wandering around part of town today.
I remember being in the middle of a race a few years ago in South Carolina right around this time of year.
Overnight it was absolutely dry, clear and freezing cold.
But early the next morning, just as the sun was rising again the wind picked up and leaves began blowing off all of the trees around us.
We were in the woods on mountain bikes in the middle of a race with the sun just beginning to rise and so many leaves were flying that it looked like it was snowing leaves.
I remember thinking then just how beautiful Fall is in the South................

By this time in my walk I was beginning to slowly make my way back to the truck that I had parked across the street from Londons.
This beautiful old home has been renovated and turned into a small and unique restaurant called Emiles.
Beside this place is another renovated old home that has been turned into a pottery store and one next to it has also been turned into a commercial facility.
There are many such places in this area.
Beautiful and historic old homes that have found new life as medical offices, legal offices, hair dressers, art stores and more..............
The most beautiful building that I saw today.
It is an Episcopal Church built entirely of stone.
It reminds me of the multiple stone buildings that make up the University of the South in the community of Sewanee up on Monteagle.
One more building that I have driven by hundreds of times and never really noticed before today.
Which is a great loss.
But as I continued wandering around this town that I lived in for a few years and worked in longer than that, and that I now live in again, I was very happy that I had decided to walk in town for a while instead of rushing as usual, before heading directly to Short Springs.
Which was the initial plan when I left the house this morning..............
Immediately adjacent to the railroad tracks is a bright red train caboose.
It was layed to rest there a few years ago partly to recognize Tullahomas' role in middle Tennessee railroad history and partly as a icon of Tullahoma's beautification efforts...........
As I was heading to the small area that holds the caboose I stopped for a moment to read this sign which is something I had never seen before.
This sign was erected during the time I was away in Alaska and Wyoming.
After doing very quick on-line research I found this:
The Caboose surprisingly already decked out for Christmas..........
I thought that this lighted sign in a window was outstanding so tried to take a decent picture of it.
As I approached the window looked dark and the sign showed up really well, but it did not translate well when I tried to take a picture.
The sign taken from a couple of different angles mostly ended up showing reflections as opposed to the sign...........
Close to my truck these buildings are mostly empty and available for lease.............
In one of the empty store fronts there were three large Fall and Halloween paintings.
The description on each of the paintings indicated that these works were done by young students from the local elementary schools............
Finally I headed back to my truck intending to head for the house.
On the spur of the moment I pulled into this place.
It is a coffee shop that serves light lunches, also in yet one more renovated home, with grounds that are beautifully landscaped.
The shop offers frequent opportunities for young musicians to provide patrons with low key entertainment.
I ate lunch at this place with an old friend when it first opened a few years ago.
Too small portions.  Too expensive.  Too pretentious.
We both gave the place six months.
That was about three years ago and when I stopped there today the parking lot was packed.
They are obviously doing something right...............
I have not been inside the shop since that first time but they have done a lot of work to the grounds over the past couple of years.
Beautifully landscaped with flowers, trees, grassy areas, fire pits, logs for informal seating, an outdoor patio.
Maybe I need to give the place another shot.............
Next door to the Celtic Cup is a local favorite called Piggys Place.
It provides a basic, downhomey, all-Southern menu of pork-beans-coleslaw-sweet tea.
Piggys does a lot of in-house sit-down business during lunch, in addition to catering to many business meetings throughout town.
I love the pig.................
I have now been back in Tennessee for two months and still cannot seem to come up with a new name for my blog.
It began as Living The Juneau Adventure and then unexpectedly morphed into Wyoming Wind Songs.
I still cannot come up with a name.
I continue to have bloggers block when it comes to renaming this place.............

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