Friday, November 4, 2011

Exploration On The Water - Part 3

LC and I spent one more rainy day today painting one more room.
After a trip to Lowes we excitedly drove home, crammed everything into the center of the room and began painting the kitchen, he with a roller and me with a brush.
We very quickly came to the conclusion that the color we had chosen was closer to Martha Stewart Light Green most commonly seen in St Patricks Day cupcake frosting than a green that you were likely to find in nature.
When I first moved into the house the kitchen was painted bright purple.
Yes bright purple.
I bought a can of paint called Buttered Toast that was in actuality pale yellow.
I thought that it would brighten the place up but second guessed myself almost immediately.
As I put first one and then the second coat on the walls I kept thinking "God, it looks horrible".
But after spending so much time sanding and then painting and then painting again I talked myself into letting it sit for a few days because it was such a drastic change.
And every time I walked into the kitchen I looked at it and thought "God, it looks horrible".
After a few days I finally decided that I was always going to hate it, went to Wal-mart and picked up yet one more can of paint called Sea Grass (greenish) and liked it immediately.
Today LC and I looked at each other doubtfully after one wall was painted Martha Stewart Light Green St Patricks Day Cupcake Frosting and tried to adopt that same wait-and-see attitude I had adopted with the Buttered Toast color.
God, it looked horrible.
By the time the second wall was complete I suggested that maybe adding some brown paint we had in the garage would tone it down.
It turned the can of paint some kind of weird pinkish burgundy abomination.
I dropped my brush, grabbed the keys, headed to Wal-mart and bought another can of paint.
It is also greenish and I can't remember the name of the color but it has the word "sparrow" in the name and it looks great.................

I have tried to call my youngest son every day for the past week.
His phone is no longer in service, which means he either had it disconnected because he gets very little cell phone coverage where he is now up in the mountains of ski country in Manitoba, or more likely he forgot to pay his phone bill.
I have thought it many times before but never said it out loud. 
And then one day LC looked at me and told me that if you could divide my own personality right down the middle you would have both of my sons.
One son is a carefree, slightly lost, nature loving free spirit.
The other is a driven and intellectual overachiever.
I wish the kid would pay his damn phone bill..................

After being on the water for three hours it was time to head back the way we had come.
Many more pictures of our trip back to the start point.............
Stirring up mud on the bottom of the lake which was very shallow in places.............
As we approached this object in the middle of the lake we wondered what it was.
And then we hit a sandbar and realized too late that it was a warning to boaters.............
LC stopped the boat suddenly half way back and I quickly realized by his excitement that he had caught a fish.
The reservoir is very deep on the side closest to the truck and the side we are most familiar with, but there were many shallow sections to this area beyond the bridge.
LC smiled with satisfaction at his catch, unhooked him and then tipped his catch upside down shaking the gravel out from his mouth before setting the little guy free again into the water...............
After finally crossing underneath the bridge we could see the cove where our truck was parked on the opposite side of the lake.
This is a bad picture of Bird Island with the large duck blind on the back side of the island.
I had lunch with a friend I used to work with the other day and found out from her that the islands' real name is Elder Island.
What she told me: 
It is a rookery, for birds to breed. there are some links on the net under elder island, woods reservoir, or little elder great grandparents owned that land, and when they started the lake, my great grandfathers grave (as well as others) was dug up and moved....I think his is in Cowan now.  It may have been TVA that bought (or took) the land, I am not sure on that............

Interesting information but I think I will still always call it Bird Island..........
Not far from the boat ramp and dock we finally ran into a wonderful majestic bird who was not camera shy.
I snapped pictures as quickly as I could as we gradually approached him, not knowing when he would fly away and be gone.
But he stood there happily allowing me, as we continued to get closer to him, to take one picture after another.
After watching him for a few minutes I realized that he was the same heron I took pictures of the other day.
He was standing contentedly on the shore close to a bend in the shoreline that led to a cove the other day.
He was also standing in that same area on the way home after our extended second trip.
He is very big.  Very beautiful.  Very calm.  And walks with an air of superiority.  He is beautiful and he knows it.............
One final picture I took from the boat dock.
As LC walked up to retrieve the truck I sat on the dock babysitting the boat.
This was the view from the dock on a still sunny and warm and late afternoon looking out towards the center of the lake.................

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