Thursday, November 3, 2011

Exploration On The Water - Part 2

Within a few minutes of passing underneath the bridge we unexpectedly came across a public boat ramp and then a series of small docks.
This area was absolutely and stunningly gorgeous and I was surprised and pleased that we found this place.
One of so many times when I have wondered "How could I not know that this was here?"
There was something about the combination of the linear nature of these walk ways, the reeds close to shore, the dark blue water and light blue sky and the combination of light and shadow that was extremely pleasing to me. 
I asked LC to pull into shore so that I could climb out of the boat, spend some time here and take pictures of this unexpectedly lovely place................
A very zoomed in picture of a heron.
They are everywhere along this lake. and we see many during every trip we enjoy in this place.............
The Cumberland Plateau in the background............
We spent more time than planned on shore but finally did continue with our journey.
All of a sudden LC spun the boat around abruptly, completely disregarding my long-standing admonishment in small water crafts of "no sudden movements".
A military plane was directly overhead and he had spun around anticipating that I would want a picture of it.
I happily snapped a couple of pictures but always remember and never forget.
My camera turns on far too slowly and then zooms in far too slowly.
When I lived in Cody Wyoming there was so much large game and so little vegetation that it was very easy to capture pictures of wild life.
Between a slow camera and so much vegetation in Tennessee I end up missing more pictures than I actually get.
Since I began training out at the base again I have run into deer and wild turkeys and hawks, all of which made their appearance and then in an instant were gone before I hardly knew they were even there.
The same holds true when trying to take pictures of birds on the lake. 
Trying to catch them in flight is a challenge.
Sometimes I get lucky and get a great picture.
And sometimes I am just lucky enough to get some over-zoomed-in picture facing into the sun of a beautiful heron taking to the air...............
One more duck blind.
Each one of them is numbered, and in this section of the reservoir the blinds became abudant with one every 500 yards................
My Mountain Boy and I were having more fun than we could even describe.
By this time we had been heading further and further away from our truck for almost three hours and enjoying every minute of our trip.
It was warm and sunny and quiet and beautiful, but it was almost time to turn around and head back...........

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