Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Fort Loudon Marina

After taking a lot of pictures at the dam and then at the park close to the dam I gradually made my way to the marina where I found my Mountain Boy sitting on the tailgate of the truck in the parking lot, smiling and patiently waiting for me.
I smiled at him, waved, and then walked down closer to the water.
These are pictures of the Watts Bar Belle paddle riverboat docked at the marina.
This boat provides tourists with historical tours of the lake during the Summer.
Technical info on the boat:
And a link about the marina:
As I was wandering around the marina, which is quiet and now mostly in hibernation for the Winter I realized that I know almost nothing about this part of the country.
This area is new to me, intriguing, and I was pleased to have stopped briefly to take pictures of a dam and then  unexpectedly found this beautiful area and interesting river boat.............
The marina is lovely.
Decorative items seen in garden areas close to the water...........
I walked briefly along some of the docks close to the parking lot, taking in the boats and the calm and grey water and the hills across on the opposite side of the lake that are now mostly leafless.
Slowly but irrevocably Fall is beginning to fade and Winter is approaching.
Juneau has experienced heavy snow falls recently and Cody is also slated for snow soon.
Here in Tennessee temperatures are in the sixties and low seventies, but slated for rain and then cooler temperatures.
Tullahoma does not get a lot of snow. 
It receives occasional snow that quickly melts and Winter is mostly an ever-changing combination of rain, freezing rain, ice, quickly melting snow, warm temperatures, cold temperatures.
A continual clash of warm air from the Gulf and cold air from Canada...............
No hard working fishing boats here.
These were all pleasure boats both personal and commercial.............
Waterside outdoor patios, a bar and restaurant, all part of the marina in the background...........
After taking many pictures of boats and the hills across the lake I reached behind me to stuff my camera back into the side pocket of my small pack.
As I looked up I was surprised to see this small and very quiet flock of ducks right beside my feet...........
Aside from one young and lone fisherman and an older man walking his two small dogs I had the entire marina to myself.
There were still a few trees holding on to their colorful leaves, but not many. 
The water was quiet and so was the air.
And I took one quick moment to remind myself that the quiet of Winter is a very special time.
I ran this morning in the rain at the base in Tullahoma.
No mountain bikers.  No runners.  No vehicles in the parking lot with their tailgates down as riders unloaded their bikes.  No more leaves on the trees.  No wind.  Not even the sounds of birds.
I was tired this morning and it was a tough run that I ended up cutting short , but the run reminded me that the next few months will be a wonderfully, peacefully, quiet time............
One last look at the Watts Bar Belle before finally heading back to the truck.
I had kept my sweet Mountain Boy waiting long enough...........

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