Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Shoshone National Forest - Part 4

About 30 miles from Cody I looked over to my right and saw (for the first time) a waterfall.
At the last minute I asked LC to pull into the campground, and he managed to pull into the campground just in time before overshooting the entrance.
Whoops.........sorry about that last minute notice..........
We pulled into a place called Clearwater Campground.
It was a beautiful campground with large grassy and tree-filled sites.
Many of the sites were also situated along the river with mountain views and the waterfall in the background.
My first impression was that this place was gorgeous and by far my favorite campground that we had driven through that day.
My second thought was to compare the "urban campgrounds" that are becoming increasingly busy in and around Cody with this place.
The ones in town are very nice, clean, with good facilities and close proximity to downtown.
But this was a beautiful place - 30 miles from Cody and 20 miles to Yellowstone.
Lots of bears in the area apparently according to the signs and the ever-present-in-this-region bear proof food containers.
But there was grass and trees and mountains and rivers and waterfall and..........quiet...........
After spending a long time walking along the river and greatly enjoying this quiet and beautiful campground we continued making our way closer to Cody.
Yeah..........we'd get there eventually.
And surprisingly we came across a large herd of big horn sheep not too far from the highway both resting and grazing.
They had not been there when we passed by this way earlier in the day.  Or at least we had not noticed them.
There have been many occasions during our journeys in the area when we have stopped to take a picture of deer or sheep or buffalo on one side of the road and looked over to the other side of road only to see still more.
One day we stopped on a snowy and cold day by the river closer to Yellowstone and LC yelled "Karin - look!" and surprisingly pointed across the road and up on a bluff where three large male big horn deer were sitting comfortably on the side of the hill.
Part of the adventure is never knowing where and when you will encounter some of the abundant wildlife in this region.  It is everywhere - always beautiful - always exciting............
The return of the beautiful mountains and grassland of Wapiti and deer on both sides of the highway...........
After passing this wagon resting on top of a small rise in Wapiti along the highway many times we finally stopped the other day and took a picture of it...........
A view looking back towards Cody...........
Back inside the city limits I took these quick and random pictures.
Buffalo Bill Cody signs hanging from streetlamps downtown..........
This truck was the original reason we stopped...........
It was an outstanding, long and eventful trip to the Shoshone National Forest on a beautiful day.
One of these days the east gate of YNP will actually be open and we will actually be able to enter the park there.
But we had seen many beautiful and exciting things on our trip and I was not disappointed at all that we could not enter the park.
A very good day..............

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