Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Random Pictures On Random Days

I am beginning to build a lot of Wyoming files now.
Files with names such as Southfork, Shoshone National Forest, Wapiti, Wild Horses, BLM (files 1, 2 and 3), Dixie and Baby, Heart Mountain, Rattlesnake Mountain etc. etc.
Mostly I try to keep to those titles, but inevitably random pictures always seem to find their way into the files.
I tried to download them (or maybe it's upload them) onto this blog this morning and after spending more than an appropriate amount of time at it found that they didn't "take".
No pictures.  Damn.  
Double damn.
Maybe it was the blog program or maybe it was our off again/on again Internet service that we finger-cross with only four or five miles from town.
Who knows, but regardless I just made another stab at it with fewer pictures and here they are.
Some of the random pictures taken during our random travels throughout this new area that is now gradually becoming home.
These first few deer pictures were taken just the other night.
We were on the way home after taking a long drive and then long walk on BLM land along the Greybull Highway.
We were in Wild Mustang Country and I took many pictures that I will post the next time I blog.
Only five minutes from the house my Mountain Boy pulled the truck over so that I could take pictures of these deer.
We see deer all the time throughout the area (both in the country and in the city) and this particular pasture - now filled with long green and lush grass and beautiful yellow wild flowers - is a favorite of a herd that meanders close to the house.
At first I only saw one head and then as we stopped and I looked closer, I saw that there were many sitting in the grass.
I was surprised that the young buck looked so thin.
There is no shortage of food to eat in the fields now.  We have had inordinate amounts of rain and most farmers irrigate so all of the fields are in good shape.
The females all looked healthier and heavier................
This past weekend LC and I had planned on going to the Pow Wow located on the grounds of the Buffalo Bill Historical Center in town:
It is a large, colorful, musical affair and we were both greatly looking forward to going.
Initially planning on going on Saturday those plans were changed when I learned of the Heart Mountain community hike that was taking place the same day.
At the time we thought "No problem - we'll go on Sunday instead"
Sunday turned out to be a cold and rainy day and before the Pow Wow we headed up to the Mule Days celebration in Ralston.
From there we drove back to Cody, found a parking spot at a nearby bank, walked to the main gate of the Pow Wow and were told that the dance competition scheduled for Sunday had been canceled due to the rain. 
Since there was nothing else going on that day with the exception of the booths that were set up we were not charged the entry fee.
After quickly wandering among the booths looking at basically the same jewelry and pottery at every table (that looked as though it had been made in Mexico) we left.
I was surprised that all scheduled events had been canceled - partly because dance teams had traveled from all parts of the west to attend and partly because I am so used to Juneau where nothing ever gets canceled simply due to rain.
It was disappointing to miss out on the event, but I am still very glad that I had the chance to do Heart Mountain.
A picture of a Native American statue on the grounds of the event..........
 On the way out to try and find the wild mustangs the other day LC, James and I made a couple of stops along the way.
Heart Mountain on a hazy and warm late afternoon, with storms beginning to build on a number of fronts............
 The story of Wiley's Dream...........
It is difficult to see in this picture but after reading the information board on top of a ridge, and then looking down over parts of the Oregon Basic immediately below the sign, I realized that there were in fact still signs visible of the irrigation project that was begun and then abandoned late in the 1800's.............
 One last stop before heading onto BLM land to look for wild horses the other day.
We pulled onto a side road in one of our typical "I wonder what's up there" jaunts.
After being on BLM land for only a few minutes we surprisingly came to this small waterway.
We have heard from many people that this area has received much more snow than usual this past Winter, and much more rain than usual this past Spring.
I don't for one minute think that this abundant water is part of the landscape during a normal Summer, but it was nice to see it anyway the other evening...........
 Bone dry and cracked creek bed just a few feet from the water...............
 Wildflowers that have seemingly appeared overnight................
 A few weeks ago LC pulled the truck off the highway about half way between Powell and Cody, and we wandered on paved and dirt country roads until we eventually and very surprisingly spotted this...............
 We walked the area for a good while enjoying the quietness of the day, the roar of the fast moving water and the surprise of our find.

 One day early last week I was running on BLM land close to home.
During part of my run I travel along a long straight section of trail that paralleled a fence line.
Normally there is nothing in the fields on the opposite side of the fence, so as I approached I was surprised to see this large herd of horses.
I have learned over the past few months just how curious these animals can be, so I was not surprised when they all (and almost as one) lifted their heads as I got closer, so that they could study me.
I continued to watch them watching me at the same time that I continued to first get closer and then pass by them.
They followed me, watched me, moved as a group closer to me until eventually I stopped at a gate.
I normally stop at this place for a couple of minutes so that I can drink and look out to see what Carter and Heart and Rattlesnake Mountains are "doing", before hitting another trail...............
 I stood regarding this large group of very beautiful animals.
They were so very beautiful.
But why were they so thin?
There was not a whole lot to eat on the section of BLM land they were now on.
But this land also accessed the canal and grass.
I have no idea.
Maybe they need worming?  Really no idea and they did not act sick, but I was still surprised to see them as thin as they all were.............
 Walking as a group to see what I was doing and what I was all about..........
They very quickly made their way to the corner of the fence line so could go no further, and crowded together to get a better view of me.
Unlike my first encounter with a group of horses that did the same thing, this time I was neither surprised nor unnerved by their actions:
They are just curious.......... 
 One last photo of a painting on a farming equipment building in Powell...........

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