Monday, June 20, 2011

Mule Days

 After spending a good part of Saturday hiking up Heart Mountain in the sunshine and heat of early summer in Cody Wyoming, I woke Sunday morning to clouds, drizzle, 50 degrees and very sore legs.
By late morning it was still 50 degrees and drizzling and my legs still hurt, but both LC and I felt a need to get out of the house for a while.
We drove to Ralston - a very small farming community that you would miss altogether if you sneezed.
Located half way between Cody and Powell our plan was only to take a quiet and casual walk around the grounds of the Jake Clark Mule Days:
I knew nothing about mules but my Mountain Boy was raised on farms and owned a farm for a long time as an adult, so had a good deal of experience with them.
He loves mules and smiles and laughs whenever he talks about them.
Any animal that has that kind of effect on my Mountain Boy must be a special animal, so I was looking forward to meeting them. 
LC loves their intelligence, their stubbornness, their ability to think for themselves.
Once we were there I enjoyed myself much more than I ever would have expected.
It had been 72 degrees on Saturday.  
It was only 50 on Sunday - cool, drizzling, sometimes raining.
Because of the weather (and because there were other events taking place in the area) there were very few people walking the grounds aside from the owners of these really calm and lovely animals.
The auction was later in the day.
And so we wandered - in the cold and greatly enjoying talking to owners and visiting with long eared beasts.
A nice way to spend an hour or so on a quiet weekend day...............
 Two of many people who were riding these animals throughout the grounds.
I had no idea that they were so........trainable.
So agile, so responsive, so even in their gait............
 This huge and very friendly guy was LC's favorite.
LC approached the fence and this mule walked right up to the fence and greeted him, wanting to be petted.
LC smiled and gently talked.  
The animal loved it.
I stood back and watched the two of them gently communicate with each other.............

A mule will labor ten years willingly and patiently for you, for the privilege of kicking you once......William Faulkner

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