Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Finally Yellowstone East Gate - Part 2

After driving and eating and drinking and climbing in and out of the truck multiple times for multiple hours we finally decided to pull into a picnic area slash marina so that we could really all stretch our legs.
Although we had found snow on a few occasions we were reminded that we were actually traveling through Yellowstone during the summer.
It was hot and we needed a break.
And my sweet trooper needed to walk and wander and explore in those ways and in that time that dogs need.............
After parking the truck and wandering down to the water dictated by Jamie's speed as she explored, we finally made our way to the shore.
This trip touched me emotionally in ways that I did not expect.
Juneau was an intense experience for me and although when I was finally done I was done absolutely and could not leave there fast enough, there are still things that I really miss.
As we had made our way through the park I had been constantly reminded of Alaska, but when I saw this scene it brought back all the feelings I had experienced while communing with nature on so many hikes in so many places in Juneau.
All the times I had stood at the dock in Auke Bay looking out over the water and the mountains and the pine trees and the boats.............. 
A bored seasonal employee doing pull-ups..............
Continuing further we quickly pulled into another large parking area when we realized that there was a large elk herd grazing close to the lake...............
As we moved closer to the southern edge of the park the Teton mountain range began to dominate the landscape.
We had not planned on it but LC and I looked at each other and realized that we were going to continue further south along the highway.
Beyond the gates of Yellowstone and immediately into the Grand Teton National Park.
I babble and ramble and verbalize in endless blog posts about love of the mountains.
But I am not the only one.
He loves them too.  
My Mountain Boy loves the mountains as much as I do.............

Teton Mountain

  by: Lew Sarett

She walks alone against the dusky sky,
With something of the manner of a queen--
Her gesturing peaks, imperious and high;
Her snowy brow, serene.

 Under her feet, a tapestry of pine;
Veiling her marble figure, purple haze,
Draped with a scarf of clouds at timber-line,
In a billowy silken maze.

 And in the moonlight a spangled necklace shakes
And shimmers silver-blue upon her shoulders--
A fragile thread of crinkling brooks and lakes
In the glimmering ice and boulders.

 Among her eagle-winged and starry host
Of lovers, like an austere virgin nun,
She broods--yielding a moment at the most,
To the lips of the amorous sun.

A raven walking in the parking lot - not fat and sassy like the downtown Juneau ravens that gorge on the junk food fed to them by tourists and locals alike.
A leaner raven comfortable and unperturbed by the masses............
One more river and pine tree and mountain view...........
So beautiful it could make you cry............
Two artists quietly sitting and standing, and also unperturbed by curious tourists, capturing on canvas the mountain scene in front of them...........
There is a way that nature speaks, that land speaks.  Most of the time we are simply not patient enough, quiet enough to pay attention to the story........Linda Hogan

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