Friday, May 6, 2011

Your Soul In Bloom

 Before I left the house this morning to run errands in town I briefly debated whether or not to take my camera with me.
I planned on heading to town, doing what I had to do and heading straight home, so I almost left it at the house.
I am very glad that I did not.
(Often inconveniently) you can't turn left out of the post office, so I turned right, turned right again and planned on zipping through the library parking lot to get back to the road I actually wanted to be on.
As I was traveling through the complex of driveways leading back to the main road I glanced over at the library building and suddenly began searching for a place to pull the truck over.
I pulled into one of the parking lots, reached for my camera in a side pocket of my pants and rushed out of the truck intent on the water in front of me.
The first time I visited the city library I was very impressed with it.
It is a beautiful and well stocked facility complete with all the usual suspects (supplies, equipment, special events and programs) you would expect to find in a state-of-the-art 21st century library.
But this facility also has touches both inside and out that make it a wonderfully welcoming and comfortable place to spend time.
Large bears both inside and out that were part of the Gathering of the Grizzlies fundraising campaign to raise money for the new childrens' library.
Many comfortable sink-in couches and chairs in addition to the usual hard back chairs and wooden tables.
Extensive art work both serious and whimsical.
Many interesting items that speak to the history of both Cody and Wyoming.
The outside is equally as beautiful.  
The first time I visited I walked the grounds that included large grassy areas, mature trees and bushes, views of the surrounding mountains.
And in March when I first visited - large wide open concrete areas that upon first glance I thought made up a skate park, and upon second glance I realized would eventually be filled with water.
Back in March I excitedly knew that at some point in the future this library would be surrounded on three sides by large ponds.
Today, as I was cutting through the library complex I excitedly saw that the ponds had been filled with water.
I walked towards the library building and took these pictures............
 After walking and wandering and taking pictures of the front of the building I walked across the foot bridge when something yellow close to the library caught my attention.
The first daffodils I have seen this year.
It was warm today and indeed Spring had finally finally arrived in Cody Wyoming...........
 After taking a couple of pictures of these Spring flowers I started to head back across the foot bridge.
As I took this picture slight movement over on the left caught my attention..........
 This is what I saw.
Just the one.
Sitting alone in the corner of the building quietly watching the world go by.
This morning I picked up a local newspaper and read a letter of complaint from someone who does not like all the deer that can be seen within the city limits.
Deer are everywhere in Cody.  
I have seen many in people's yards, walking down back alleys, sitting in quiet grassy places in back of commercial buildings such as.......libraries.
I know that they eat people's flowers and fruit off their trees and graze on their lawns.
I know that.
But I love them anyway and so do many many residents in town.
Not everyone loves them.
But most do.
Count me in the "love them" column as well..........
 On the far side of the building is a paved walkway that leads to the back of the library and where there is still one more pond............
 This library is located up the hill from downtown proper - about a mile from the center of town in one direction and about two miles from the Cody-Yellowstone Airport in the other............
 Still walking along the path and slowly making my way to the back side of the library.
It all is so beautiful.
A wonderful urban space............
 A small channel of water rushed underneath this small bridge as water circulated throughout all of the large pools.........
 Heart Mountain in the distance..........
 The recreation center and ice arena across the parking lot.........
 A small island along the edge of the back pond containing metal geese sculptures...........
 Heading back the way I had come...........
 When I first drove into Cody back in March and saw the moonscape terrain I was completely prepared to not like this place.
And then I turned onto the main street on a sunny and warm day, saw the mountains, saw the wide open and very clean streets and the American flags flying on poles outside every single store and thought........we'll see.
We have been here a week shy of two months and every day I like this town a little more.
I have already shared many reasons why.
But on this day, as I wandered peacefully on walk-ways that took me from one large pool of water to another, and while I looked over every once in a while to check and see if the deer was still sitting in his secluded resting place (he was) I realized that this place was just one more reason why I like this town...............
 During the twenty minutes that I was out there I saw many people walking in the green spaces, moms pushing strollers, moms and dads on bikes with little people in carriers on the back............

If you've never been thrilled to the very edges of your soul by a flower in spring bloom, maybe your soul has never been in bloom.......Terri Guillemets

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