Monday, April 28, 2014

Online Shopaholic

I unexpectedly found this old Great Northern sign on a local online classifieds site a couple of weeks ago.
I hate shopping in stores, but I need to stay off those stupid classified sites because they are addictive 
My name is Karin and I'm an online shopaholic - Hello Karin!
Hi yourself.
In all seriousness, there are many things that we needed and that we have purchased after a great deal of searching on the great shopping underground that is known as online classifieds.
There are also other things (such as a Great Northern Railway sign that was cut out of an old barn and that cost me $10) that were not needed, but are incredibly awesome...............

These are pictures of some of the things LC has made over the past couple of months at the house, using old lumber, old skis and old snowboards.
We already had the skis and snowboards, and they have been sitting for many months, in a corner of what will one day be the sun room (but which is now only a walk-through space used primarily to store........crap we haven't figured out where else to put yet).
The wood all came from the property of a local resident.
Known comically as Lake Seldom (because it is located in a low lying area that occasionally floods during years of deep snow melt-off in the spring), there have been years when the locals have also good naturedly set up "No Fishing" signs.
There are acres of piles of random stuff ranging from wood to concrete to metal to piles unknown.
The wood in these projects were all taken from Lake Seldom...............
I LOVE this shelving unit
Made to fit specifically in this off-set, it takes up little physical space in the hall and houses a collection of pewter that I have been collecting for many years.
They were all very cheap pieces, found randomly at yard sales and thrift stores from Tennessee to Alaska, and thankfully their "unbreakability" made them one thing I didn't have to worry about packing, as we traveled like gypsies all over the country................
A snowboard bench in the mudroom................
We just made these two projects over the past week for LC's office, as we were housebound during a surprisingly extended period of heavy rain.
Who knew it rained so much in the desert?
We didn't, but it was welcome.
Ski shelves are now home to a bunch of Chevron cars, complete with moving eyes and doors that open, and complete with prerequisite (for a retired cop) police car.................
The levels were mine.
The other tools were LC's.
Now they have a home in his office...............

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