Sunday, April 13, 2014

In This Place, In This Hour

Not too far outside of Blackfoot and on Hwy 39, there is a tiny community called Riverside.
Aside from a church or two and a gas station, there is not much more to see than that.
Only there is much to see in Riverside.
For most people who travel Highway 39, Riverside is a pass-through community in much the same way that 
Idaho is part of fly-over country.
A place you must travel through in order to go from where you're AT, to where you're going. 
In fact, Riverside is a very beautiful place.
Straight up farm country.
Vegetable crops (predominantly potatoes) and cattle.
Today is freezing cold - sunny, 30 degrees, and with strong winds that make it feel much colder.
One more reminder that winter is still valiantly fighting its (ultimately losing) battle with impending spring.
But a few days ago our area enjoyed much sunshine and warmth.
After running tedious errands in Blackfoot I impulsively suggested to my Mountain Boy that we head to the All American Diner for lunch before heading home:
After eating burgers and home-made fries (and still running on spur-of-the-moment sunshine-induced adrenalin) I suggested that we explore some more of this area that we are just beginning to learn about (and which we found while driving backwards and forwards between Aberdeen and home during seemingly endless wood cutting trips last month).
Crossing over the highway we randomly headed down a side road, curious to see what we would find.
We found greening fields, irrigation equipment blowing streams of water for 30 feet in every direction, snow capped mountains, grown cows and baby cows, and all kinds of beautiful...............
There are a number of small, brown and white signs found along Hwy 39 that point the direction to public access areas.
Places where there is water.  Where people can fish and people can boat.
After leaving the restaurant we could have just as easily turned back onto 39 and watched for signs, instead of crossing over the highway and immediately picking up a side road.
But we didn't.
After finding endless farm land and after weaving through one back road after another, we found ourselves at a road intersection and across the road we unexpectedly found water.
The Snake River.
As we pulled into the parking area I noticed the boat ramp, and smiled when I saw the boat at the bottom of the ramp preparing to enter the water.
It was a perfect day to boat.
A perfect day to be outside.
As LC gathered up our eager pup I walked to the top of the ramp and snapped this picture and then stood watching the boater for a moment wondering why we weren't fishing or kayaking or........something.
I couldn't think of a good reason in that moment.
Maybe we had just forgotten how to fish.  
How to kayak.  
Turning back I looked for LC and Kory.
We wandered.  We looked.  We photographed.
There were a handful of trucks and trailers in the large, paved parking area.  All already headed out onto the deep and cold and fast moving water...............
After wandering the area close to the river, and after a long morning of errands and eating, it was time to head towards home................
Not in another place
But in this place
Not for another hour
But this hour..............Walt Whitman

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