Sunday, December 1, 2013

Story Continuing To Unfold

After being unbelievably sunny and warm for well over a week, the bottom finally dropped out this morning.
We are in for a few days at least of very windy and cold weather, and with chances of both rain and snow.
Still in sunny mode a couple of days ago though, LC, Kory and I took a quick trip to Rexburg (about 75 minutes drive from Atomic City) to pick up an armoire I found online.
Aside from the day we picked up Kory in Boise, it was the furthest that LC had ventured since injuring his back.
After almost a month we both really do, and thankfully, feel that his back is on the mend.
With it still being tentative and with him still recovering and catching up on sleep though, endurance was low and we made this trip a quick turnaround.
The armoire was hand-made by the young man's grandfather, was all wood, badly needed cleaning and refinishing, but for $40 it was a great deal and worth the drive.
Besides, when you live in the middle of nowhere driving to get what you need is just part of the deal.
Right now it is sitting in the garage after having been stained.  It's going to be nice.
The 50 mile drive from Atomic City to Idaho Falls was hard and fast, and in all that way we passed only two vehicles.
The other 30 or so miles were on great highway, and the drive went quickly.
Before heading back to Atomic City we stopped briefly at a park so that Kory could walk.
She is such a great dog.  
But LC and I are now not so certain that she was always loved and well treated.  She had been such a loving girl right from the get-go, and so we made assumptions and you know what they say about those.
The other night LC was in the office and I was already in bed when I heard Kory making strange noises as she stood beside her crate that we keep in the bedroom.
When I sat up I asked "Kory, what are you doing?"
Immediately her head dropped and she slunk out of the bedroom.
LC had heard me talking and came to see what was going on.  
As he walked down the hallway Kory turned and slunk back into the bedroom.
By that time I had realized that she had chewed on the laces of LC's boots.
She must have known that she was doing wrong because she bolted even before I realized what she had been into.
When first Kory and then LC walked into the bedroom I told LC what she had done, and LC reached out his hand to pet her and reassure her that everything was OK.
Immediately she cowered and dropped to the ground.
She thought that he was going to hit her.
LC knelt down to caress and reassure her.  When Kory realized that he wasn't angry she walked over to me for reassurance.
And then back to LC and then back to me a second time.
Needing to know that we both still loved her and were not angry.
Her reaction completely caught both of us off guard.  Nothing to this point had led us to believe that she had ever been mistreated, but now we are not so sure.
We put the boots away in the closet to remove temptation, and after being reassured over and over that we still loved her our Kory is fine again.................

A walk in the park...................
I held onto Kory for a while, but when I wanted to take a closer look at the war memorial (that was located at the opposite end of the park) I handed the leash over to LC.
His condition was improving, but we both wanted to limit how far he walked.
Crossing the lawn (I love Atomic City but it was VERY good to see green) I took in the scene in front of me.
A number of stone walls, flags, wreaths, a stone eagle.
I don't actively seek these places out but when I come across them in my travels I always feel compelled to visit them.
I have seen many memorials all across the country.  Thankfully they are always beautiful and always respectful places..............
While I was wandering in and around the stone walls that told stories of heroism and heartache over the span of more than a century, I heard a noise behind me.
When I turned I was surprised to see LC and Kory.
LC had walked around the opposite end of the park with our dog and then told her to go find me. 
Kory tracked me down without a problem.
A number of small children have pet her over the past couple of weeks, and we have stopped briefly when neighbors were outside their homes, so that I could introduce her to them.
Kory has been warm and friendly with everyone she has met.
But twice people have come to the door of the house, and she aggressively barks until she knows that the visitors are welcome.
Again, once they are inside the house she is friendly and easy-going with them.
Still learning about our sweet new girl and the Story of Kory continues to unfold..............
Kory is sleeping less and less in her crate these days and more and more in the hallway.
Directly in the busy traffic lane between the office and the living room.
Neither LC nor I have tripped over her yet but we both figure it's just a matter of time...........

You think dogs will not be in heaven?  I tell you, they will be there long before any of us...............Robert Louis Stevenson

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