Thursday, December 19, 2013

Killing Time

Not long after Kory arrived in Idaho (and while my Mountain Boy was still battling a debilitating back injury), I drove out to the base of Cedar Butte and walked with my dog.
With LC finally recovered, and after spending some time with Kory unleashed on wide open and flat BLM land, a few days ago we decided to take a drive to the back side of Cedar Butte where it is flatter but still close to the multiple hills that make up Cedar, and explore on foot.
Before we had said a word to her, Kory already sensed that we were planning on some kind of outstanding adventure and that she was going to be a part of it.
Without us saying a word she began to bark enthusiastically.  And very loudly.
As I got bundled up in multiple layers of clothing my new dog followed me from room to room, dancing and eager to begin whatever adventure we had in mind.
As I made a grab for her leash and headed out the front door I looked around me.
It was cold but not freezing in-your-face-cold.
The sky was the kind of blue that you only find in winter.
And the dense and freezing cold mist that had settled down into Atomic City overnight had turned the trees completely white, making them look stunningly, picture-perfect.
It was an amazingly beautiful day, and I was reminded again just how beautiful a desert can look in the dead of winter.
While LC warmed up the truck I walked across the road with Kory so that she could do whatever a dog needed to do.
At first what she needed to do was follow animal tracks.
They are everywhere.  Deer  Coyote.  Prairies chickens.  Even more visible because of the snow on the ground, and my dog enthusiastically walked in circles following one set of tracks after another.
After track sniffing and dog peeing, we wandered into the back yard of a piece of property that is empty and has been empty for many years.
I LOVE this property because it is filled with trees and looks out over both of the Twin Buttes.
It is a very pretty piece of land and the trees provide badly needed shade in summer, but in winter it is truly wonderful.
Kory and I walked through the partially open gate and wandered into the back yard...........
A close up of frost on the trees.
This frost is not like frost I am used to in places such as Juneau Alaska and Tullahoma Tennessee.
It feels dry to the touch.
In fact I tried to grab some frost from the ground a few days before, so that I could clean a fresh mud stain from LC's truck seat.
Instead of wetting the napkins the ice just sat there on the napkin.  Surprised, I ended up grabbing a handful and rubbing the icicles on the seat until the stain was gone.
It is almost like the extreme cold of the overnights have freeze dried the air.  
I have no experience with such a thing.
But still very beautiful.............
My curious dog wandering in and out of multiple rows of pine trees.
Me trying to keep my energetic dog busy until LC was ready to go..............
And me ALSO mindlessly killing a few minutes.
As I walked past this snow fence I impulsively crouched down to take this picture of a truck parked (apparently permanently parked) on the adjoining property.............
I have no idea how long this building has been empty but I would LOVE to see inside.
At one time this used to be an old school house and the only teacher in the school apparently lived in back of the building.
I don't know how long this structure has existed or how long it had been abandoned, but I love the old lights hanging from the top and the old wooden front door.
And I love the land that this building stands on.
A silent and slowly decaying, but still beautiful place............
One of the Twin Buttes visible through the frost-covered trees.
I could hear LC scraping the windshield across the road.  Could hear the engine of the truck.
As I stood in the snow and frost, with Kory gently tugging on the leash and wanting to roam again, I looked out over this scene in awe of just how different the desert in Idaho looks at this time of year.
It is magical............
I heard the truck horn.
Beeping to let us know that it was time to go.
We hadn't even left town yet.  Had only wandered in the snow for a few minutes close to the house.
Killing time while the truck warmed up.
Already I was pleased with the time I had been outside.
Winter is a very special time of year.
I turned, called my dog to follow me, and walked back the way I had come.
We were headed for Cedar Butte...............

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