Saturday, October 6, 2012

Searching For A Buck - Part 2

More pictures from the Great White Hunters during their trip yesterday beyond Dead Indian Pass and deeper into Sunlight Basin.
They traveled and wandered as far as this side of Crandall.
The guys stayed primarily on Chief Joseph Highway which is the two lane meandering, switch-back filled, wonderfully mountain-surrounded highway they were driving.
But they often pulled off the highway and wandered down dirt and gravel and other secondary side roads, exploring the area and watchful for a buck.
They saw many many does but no bucks.
They think they saw a grizzly bear but in the snow and dense fog cannot be sure.
LC's Alabama friend loudly exclaimed "If it WAS a bear it was as big as a Buick!"
What they did find though were a couple of moose.
The picture above was a little guy who was not so little.
His momma sat in the grass close the the treeline while still watching over baby, and there are a couple more pictures of the little guy and his mother further down in this blog post.
The guys came home empty handed yesterday, but laughing and excited about their moose sighting.
I have never seen a moose up there before, but now that LC knows where to find them I want to go back up there soon and see if he can find them again.....................
The color of fall in Wyoming is very much like the color of fall in Alaska.
Yellows and browns and golds.
It is different from the vibrant colors of fall back east, but it has a beauty and subtlety to it that is stunningly gorgeous in a very different way................
Baby moose watched the two humans for a long time before running back to the security of the momma....................
Winter is an etching, spring a watercolor, summer an oil painting and autumn a mosaic of them all........Stanley Horowitz

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