Thursday, October 11, 2012

Clark - Part 2

Heading away from the dead-end road deep in the canyon, we drove back in the direction of Clark, looking to our right for an access road that would lead us down to the river and to the bridge that spanned it....................
There are thousands of acres of BLM land adjacent to the canyon and Shoshone National Forest, but there are also large swaths of land in the same general area that is privately owned, and both LC and I watched for an entrance to BLM that looked as though it would take us to our hoped-for destination.
We did not have to search long or hard, and eagerly turned off the paved two-lane highway and onto dusty and dry desert land.
As we pulled off the highway I was again reminded that there is much we still have to see.
We have traveled extensively on mostly main thorough-fares in Clark, the Northfork, the Southfork, Wapiti, Yellowstone, Meeteetse,Sunlight Basin, in and around Cody, some of the mountains that surround us, and more.
We have seen a lot of wonderful things, but this land is so vast we have only begun to barely scratch the surface.
Five minutes on dusty and rocky road and we made it to the bridge and the river.
The river was beautiful. 
The bridge was a private bridge...................
Within a few minutes of arriving at the bridge, movement on the opposite side of the river caught my attention.
Two does and one young buck were slowly walking one-behind-the-other in the tall grass.
As I quietly watched them I thought of LC's friend from Alabama, who was still here and was hunting up in the mountains around Sunlight Basin with a local friend of ours...............
A vehicle pulled in not long after us, parked their suv next to our truck, and as they climbed out I realized that they were a couple of fishermen.
Leaving LC to do the friendly passers-by niceties, I bushwhacked down to the river so that I could take pictures of the water and mountains.
The fishermen left after only a few minutes, but with Jamie and LC still up the hill, I stood along the side of the river and looked around me.
I could see snow dusted mountains in every direction.  Could see the canyon we had just come from.  A whole lot of sandy and dry BLM land, and the river.
The more I visit this place the more I like it.
There is a whole lotta beautiful in Wyoming so I am not certain why I like it in back of Clark so much but I do...................
Over the past few weeks things have been noisy and busy and chaotic for us.
LC's brother was here for a number of weeks and for a while we did not know whether he was staying in Cody or leaving and moving on.
We did not know because (as is usual for his brother), he did not know either.
This same scenario plays out fairly regularly and both LC and I do what we can to help him sort it all out, but as usual it predictably ends up being a large energy-suck for both of us.
At a time now when there is not a lot of energy remaining to take from us.
He is gone (for now) but already talking about coming back.
I hope that he takes his time with that................

LC's Alabama friend was here on the day we were in Clark but left this morning, having had a great time in Wyoming but not getting the buck that he was after.
Also around this same time, our neighbor bought a very expensive newer truck that she could not afford and on the same day she brought it home asked to borrow money from us.
We told her no and she is now pouting and MIA, and we are pleased about that.
Everyone needs to just...........go away for a while...................

I like this picture of my guy and my dog.
My sweet dog just seems to take everything in stride.  New houses.  New states.  New towns.  New people.
She is the sweetest and most loyal animal.
LC and I continue to hold onto each other every day, trying to find some kind of balance and at the same time not really knowing how to move forward.
It is 24 weeks today.  I miss him.  I miss him. 
I once asked a hermit in Italy how he could venture to live alone, in a single cottage, on the top of a mountain, a mile from any habitation? He replied, that Providence was his next-door neighbor................Laurence Sterne

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