Sunday, October 21, 2012

On The World

More pictures of BLM land close to the house.
I took these on one more walk with Jamie the other night...............
She gets out of bed every morning and wanders aimlessly through the day, on the world but no longer in the world
She hears people but she doesn't.  She sees things but she doesn't.  She feels things but she doesn't.
She says the right things.  Smiles in the right places.  Goes where she needs to go.
Pretending through life.
Which seems OK because life seems like a pretend game anyway.
At night she tosses and turns in bed wondering what the hell the point is, but she can never seem to find the answer.
Exhausted, and before she finally falls asleep, she reaches out to her demons, pulls them close and holds them tight.
Because they are the only comfort she has and the only thing she has left..................

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