Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Car Show In Cody - Part 2

With much disgust I spent 90 minutes downloading ten pictures yesterday at the house, only to inadvertently hit the wrong key at the wrong time and delete everything I had just done.
I promptly gave up on the enterprise, suddenly having little will or desire to mess with it anymore for one day.
For the past week (maybe more) downloading pictures at the house has been impossibly slow.
I was not certain if the problem lay with the Internet service we have, with my computer, or with the fact that I have a long blog post I have been working on for a while now that is still in draft that I thought may have been slowing things down.
I tried LC's desk top.  No.......it wasn't my computer.
I tried separating my long blog-in-draft into smaller blog posts.  No........that was not it either.
Uploading pictures from other websites seemed to be slower as well but we still had Internet service. 
So............what then?
I finally broke down and went to the library today and had no problems downloading pictures.
The Internet provider.  Had to be.
Sure.  Why not?  We had the same provider when we were here in Cody last year and service (the only service we could get where we lived) was absolutely horrible.
It seemed to be better this year, but is beginning to slide downhill fast again.
As I said last year........we may as well live 40 miles outside of town instead of only 4 for the lousy service we get.
We like Cody very much but it often has "isolated small town syndrome" when it comes to both service and customer service (in our brief experiences this includes vehicle insurance, wireless phone service, Internet service, vehicle repairs to name only a few).
And that is where I will stop railing about lousy services (Internet and otherwise) and find my way back to blogging about the car show.
Killroy was found on the side of a military vehicle we saw at the car show the other day.
For all the hot roads, souped up cars and trucks, old vehicles in original as well as restored and mint condition, this truck was both of our favorites............
A grenade shell on the gear shifter and shell casing in the center of the steering wheel..........
No idea why, but I seemed to be drawn more to the old and original vehicles at the show.
LC was having a great time looking under the hoods at the engines, enthusiastically providing me with details that I did not understand but I smiled anyway because I knew that he was having such a good time and that made me happy.
I guess I was drawn to the originals much as I was drawn to old, rusty, hard working boats while living in Juneau, as opposed to the bright and shiny pleasure boats that were abundant both in Alaska and Tennessee.
There is an honesty and unprentiousness about them, a ruggedness and rusticness about them, that I find very compelling.................
The first time I had ever seen a car with a wooden steering wheel...........
After wandering full circle around the busy parking lot filled with people and old vehicles LC and I found our way back to the military truck.
I handed the camera over to my Mountain Boy, smiled at him, and asked him to take some more pictures of it before we left this place.
He happily obliged..............
LC and I drove out to BLM land very early one morning not long ago just before sunrise.
As I looked over my left shoulder I saw a bright red sun in the sky.
Asking LC to pull over on the side of the highway I climbed out of the truck to take a picture of the red sun in the red sky.
This is a nice picture but this camera I have now apparently does not do well with the color red.  Instead of a picture of a bright red ball of fire in the sky I got a picture of a white ball with red around the edges.
We never did get my other camera looked at.  The color on it came out so well and I loved that little digital camera.  But after falling off my bike on BLM land last summer and landing on my side in a puddle of muddy water my camera lens got scratched.
Maybe I will find a place in Cody to take it in and have them finally take a look at it.

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