Saturday, August 11, 2012

Car Show In Cody - Part 1

After going to bed late last night and then tossing and turning in bed for a couple of hours I very tiredly hoped that I would be able to sleep late this morning.
The storms hit Cody around 6am. 
Violent thunder and lightning and heavy rainfall filled the skies, rocking the small house that we are renting and sending my sweet dog into a shaking frenzy of fear.
Jamie always begins at night curled up into a tight ball at the bottom of my feet and at the bottom of the bed.
By morning I am inevitably stretched out on one side of the bed, LC is stretched out on the opposite side of the bed and James is stretched out in the middle of the bed.
She gets half the bed and we get half the bed.
Which (somehow in dog-world) is as it should be.
When we left Tennessee LC and I sold the queen sized bed that we had and kept the double bed, anticipating correctly that it would be better fit in the small bedroom that this small house has here in Wyoming.
When we first moved back to Cody LC and I tried half-heartedly to break our dog of the habit of sleeping in our bed with us.
She whined for a long time the first night but eventually settled down on the floor beside me.
The second night (as we were half asleep) we caught her trying to sneak back up onto the bed.
Jamie was very surreptitious about it - two front paws on the bed first and she froze, waiting to see if we would react.  And then a gentle jump up onto the bed with her back legs and she again froze, waiting to see if we would react.  And then ever so gently curling up in the bottom corner of the bed, again waiting to see if we would react.
LC and I were awake through the entire drama, both of us gently amused that our dog had the intelligence to quietly, and one step at a time, try to recapture what she believed to be her rightful place on the bed.
OK..........she won. 
She is part of our family and truth be told she has trained us both well over the years.
The weather has been so hot and so dry this summer that when I first awoke to the sound of continual thunder, flashes of continual lightning, and heavy rain I was surprised.
It seems as though it has been a long time since we have had so much rain.  Actually, it had not rained that hard since we arrived back in Cody.
And my dog was very scared.
At the first thunder and lightning strike she stood up on the bed in alarm, moved as close to me as she could, and curled up as close to me as she could get, laying her head heavily on my hip.
At the next strike she repeated the same scenario, trying hard to move even closer to me.
At the next strike she stood up, moved close to LC and layed her head heavily on his shoulder.
Rinse and repeat.
Five minutes into this routine I rolled over, stroked her head, kissed her on the top of her furry head, and told LC I was getting up to make coffee.
I was very tired.  But sleep was done, at least for now.
Jamie followed me into the kitchen wanting to stay close to one of her humans, getting underfoot as I went through the coffee making routine.
When I sat on the couch my scared pup jumped up and sat heavily down beside me, curling in as closely as she could get.  Kissing her again on top of her sweet head I grabbed a throw that was laying over the back of the couch and snuggled it around both of us, and we sat together flipping through news channels while we waited out the storm.
30 noisy minutes later the storm was over.............

By mid morning the sky had cleared, the sun was shining and the temperature was rapidly climbing.
We hit a couple of yard sales, ate breakfast at a mom and pop restaurant in downtown Cody called Grannys, and then walked over to a car show that was being held on a blocked off side street adjacent to a very large used car lot.
It was a free event, and as we turned onto the side street after breakfast I could see many vehicles lined up, and many hundreds of people milling around the area enjoying the old cars and trucks.
There was everything from old beaters and rust buckets to beautifully restored classics.  From muscle cars to military trucks. 
For such a small town I was pleased and surprised just how many vehicles were involved in the show.
I knew next to nothing about them. 
My Mountain Boy knew a lot about them, and pointed out years and makes and models and engines, excitedly talking car-tech-speak to me that may as well have been in Russian for all of it that I understood.
I took a lot of pictures of them.
These are only a few because I am still having trouble downloading pictures to this blogger site. 
It has been downloading very very s-l-o-w-l-y.
There are many more pictures that I will post when I am able to...................
LC knew all about this truck, and he happily told me of the family who raised him in rural Tennessee, and of the man who drove a truck very similar to this one when he was a boy.
LC lived an unsettled life as a young boy, moving regularly between his parents home and the home of this couple that he cared for very much and that cared for him in return.
As he spoke about the truck that we were looking at I could tell that this truck brought back good memories.
That made me smile................
My reflection in a hub cap...............
A detailed mountain scene painted on the tailgate of a truck in the show.
More to follow..................

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