Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Fayetteville Tennessee

My tired Mountain Boy and my tired self are just about maxed out on moving right now.
Friday was taken up moving two trucks and a trailer to the house, cleaning for many hours and then unloading the same trucks and trailers.
Saturday was taken up by yard sales and then making two trips to move my heavy finds into the house.
Happily I found a sofa bed, recliner, love seat and an obnoxiously large flat screen TV (that LC loves) that we got very cheaply from a new couple who are downsizing two households into one and were desperate to sell.
We had already bought a wood pedestal kitchen table and chairs and a coffee table.
Sunday was taken up cleaning glue off newly discovered linoleum and scrubbing and scraping three brick steps.
Yesterday was devoted to pulling carpet tacks and strips out of newly discovered wood floors. 
Today was a rerun of yesterday.
Too much heavy lifting.  Too much cleaning.  Too much bending and pulling.  Too much sore backs and sore shoulders and sore hips.
Still much to do before we can even think about approaching the spare bedroom that is filled with plastic containers.
This in addition to doing the new home things such as getting utilities set up.
We're toast and have resolved to both slow down from this point forward and right now I am sitting with my feet up on the coffee table watching I-Robot on the obnoxiously large flat screen TV.
Will Smith looks even better looking on a big flat screen.................

A few days after LC's brother made his way to our area we took him to the small town of Fayetteville Tennessee.
This picturesque town of about 7000 is filled with what one imagines large old homes of the south should look like.
The type of homes that are huge, multi-storied, with front porches and ginger bread decoration, old wrought iron fences and English gardens.
It is a lovely town filled with old money.
And on this beautiful late Summer day the three of us walked the square, ate lunch, and enjoyed the blue sky and wonderful and moderating temperatures.
It was a brief visit but it was a good visit.
As we were eating lunch the three of us became increasingly curious as to what a large group of suited men were standing in a circle looking at up in a tree immediately outside the restaurant.
After lunch we stepped outside, and the smiling and laughing and easy going group pointed up into the tree.
Sleeping quietly upside down we saw this very little guy..............
The square in Fayetteville is a wonderfully old and historic and interesting and bustling place to walk.
The town is a little over 200 years old and the buildings of the square reflect that.
The streets are wide open and clean, the traffic is considerable, and we greatly enjoyed our relaxing and brief visit to this very Southern town...............
Two brothers..................
More information on Fayetteville:

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