Thursday, July 14, 2011

Yellowstone Some More - Part 2

We had been following the river ever since we turned onto this section of road and pulling into scenic overlooks and parking areas frequently to take pictures and enjoy the Yellowstone experience.
Although we had a map of the park with us we didn't use it - preferring instead to just wander and stop whenever and wherever we came across something of interest to us.
Perhaps not the most efficient way to take in the park.
But I spent too much time in Juneau working under extremely tight constraints which required me to run non-stop and suck up high levels of stress.
One day in my office I sent an email to someone, sat back in my desk chair, looked out the window and realized that my heart was racing.
I took my pulse.  I had been sitting at my desk.  My resting heart rate was 120.
Not the most efficient way to take in the park but for both of us it was the only way we wanted to take in the park.
We pulled off yet again at a large parking area having no idea what was there.  But there were a lot of cars so it must be something interesting.  Right?
We were at LeHardys Rapids and walked slowly along the boardwalk that ran along the water.
As soon as we walked down the long set of stairs and hit the boardwalk I saw this guy resting quietly on a rock in the middle of Class III rapids.
I snapped a lot of pictures of him quickly, trying to capture this beautiful and very large pelican before he flew away.
He never did.
We stayed at the rapids for probably 20 minutes and the bird stayed exactly where he was.
Obviously very comfortable where he was, looking around occasionally, and seemingly happy to pose for visitors.................
Wandering along the boardwalk I took many pictures of the area - the bridges, the water, the pelican.
It was a beautiful place.  Very noisy because of the raging river and I loved it there.
One of my favorite places that we saw yesterday...............
There is adventure and wonder and excitement around every bend in the road at Yellowstone.
Driving only another five minutes down the road we again pulled over to view a large herd of bison grazing and sitting and wandering in a wide valley containing grass and trees and pond..............
Three very large males walked and grazed alone along the perimeter of the herd.
One of them was the largest and heaviest and obviously the head of this herd.
The other two looked as though they were "leaders in waiting"...........
The herd spanned an area of 1/2 mile...........
We saw them for the first time a few weeks ago and then saw them again yesterday.
The babies are growing.............

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