Thursday, July 7, 2011

Evening Drive In Southfork

Late yesterday evening, with both of us feeling restless and with Jamie always up for a drive, we headed out to the Southfork.
Named after the south fork of the Shoshone River this area is very beautiful.
Land is expensive close to town and becomes even more expensive as you head further out into the Southfork because of the large ranches, large homes and increasingly beautiful mountain views that can be found out that way.
We did not travel too far along the highway, electing instead to explore a side road that paralleled the river.
It was a great drive.  Late in the day and losing daylight quickly, quiet, beautiful, and we both needed to be outside and on the move.
The picture above was facing directly into the sun and was taken on the back side of Buffalo Bill Resevoir - the same place that I kayaked on a beautiful and very sunny and warm day a few weeks ago.
The two photos below were taken at one of my favorite pastures close to home.
It is a regular home to many deer.
I have seen a fox cross the dirt road and get lost in the tall grass in this field.
And for the first month we lived in our small rental home in the country this pasture was also home to two whooping cranes.
It is filled with yellow wild flowers, many different colors and textures of wild grasses, and the dynamic and rugged Carter Mountain often stands out as I pass by.............
Buffalo Bill Reservoir on a beautiful and sunny and calm evening............
Two people walking along a man-made sandbar barely visible against the huge and sweeping mountains in the background............
After leaving the reservoir we turned on the spur of the moment onto a paved road that eventually turned into dirt road.
It followed the fast flowing, roiling, boiling Shoshone River, and the river was brown and filled with silt picked up as it flowed from the mountains.
LC pulled the truck over at this place intending to take a picture of a large log being swept down river by the mad-strong current.
As it was approaching us I thought that he would be able to get the picture in time, but as it passed by us I finally realized just how quickly this water was flowing.
The log came and then blew by us before we knew it.............
A man was mauled and killed by a grizzly bear in Yellowstone yesterday:
Here is a link about bears in the Teton.  After reading the article I realized that we had seen one of these bears during our Yellowstone trip a couple of weeks ago.
I am not certain which one of these bears we actually saw however.  
LC swears that the bear we saw had three cubs but we were on the move and I was busy trying to capture at least one decent picture before we by-passed them altogether and only saw two.
Regardless, the mama we saw is apparently one of two females who are very active this year:
Many layers of brown and green and yellow.
New growth in the pastures right now remind me of Fall..........
This back road of the Southfork turned out to be a beautiful place.
We were only 10 miles from downtown Cody but it felt like we were a long way from cities (or even small towns).
Just water and trees and mountains and hills and every once in a while horses and deer............
When we saw this we immediately dubbed it "The Face Rock"..........
A perfect summer day is when the sun is shining, the breeze is blowing, the birds are singing, and the lawn mower is broken.........James Dent

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