Monday, April 25, 2011

Kind, Sweet, Good And Gentle

 The other afternoon our neighbor lady Chris, who is proving to be a very very nice lady, invited us to head down to the end of our road and see "the new baby" - a sweet little pure white goat.
Chris was feeding the sheep and goats for a couple who were out of town for a few days, and although I did not really feel like heading down that way originally, in the end I was pleased that I did so.
In a moment of self-awareness the other day it occurred to me that I was so embattled while in Juneau that over these past six weeks or so since I left that city I have been embracing and relishing anything kind or sweet or good or gentle. 
I still cannot be around people very much.  I still do not want to be around people very much.
But I was very glad that I went down the road the other day to see these beautiful, gentle, straight forward and honest animals.
It was a good visit...........
 This small, neat and well organized goat/sheep/horse farm is owned by a doctor and his wife.
They recently (just in the time since we moved out to the house where we are now living) installed a windmill.
I am surprised that there are not more windmills in Wyoming.
Wyoming has nothing if not wind.  Lots and lots of wind...........
 Part of their 20 acre farm.
Excuse me.
Part of their 20 acre ranch.............
 Males, females, babies and about-to-give-birth mothers all in separate pens from each other..........
 Chris just turned 71 last week and is the hardest working old lady I have met in a long time.
She used to be an animal control officer in Arizona.  She has worked as a cook on horse ranches.  And she now spends a good deal of time and energy minding horses on the property we now live (including mending fences when a beautiful black horse named Smoky inevitably decides to make a break for freedom).
She cooks frequently for us, which is nice because I don't like to cook but do like to eat and I feel spoiled and thankful for her good nature.
She is very rough around the edges, has lived alone for a long time so is very set in her ways, does not impose herself into our lives and has a dry sense of humor that is similar to mine and LC's and we all get along well...........
 Across the road from us lives a very sweet donkey named.......Donkey.
LC was outside in the driveway the other night and caught a glimpse of movement in the darkness behind the shed near the house.
Hand on the firearm on his hip he cautiously walked towards the shed and saw movement again.
He walked behind the shed and saw nothing.
And then movement near the pine trees.
Walking towards the pine trees it happened again.  More movement in the shadows.
Finally and behind the shed again he caught up with what was moving around back there.
It was Donkey.
She had escaped from her pen, wandered across the road and had found shelter from the wind behind the shed.
My Mountain Boy called her out from behind the shed and she followed him just like an overgrown puppy back into the driveway.
I grabbed the dog leash and we tied it around her nose and mouth, and we stood in the wind petting and talking to this very gentle animal, who seemed quite content to stand there being loved on, until her owners came to retrieve her and walk her back to her home............
 A horseback rider on BLM land near the house..............

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