Sunday, January 30, 2011

Deceptively Close To Civilization

After brunch at the MiCasa in the Valley late this morning LC and I walked for a short while at Montana Creek.
LC is only recovering from the Juneau Crud that knocked the wind out of me not long ago so we did not walk far.
But he was finally ready to be outside and moving again which was a very promising sign.
We left Jamie at the house today much to her noisy and protesting chagrin.
She loves to be outside and to walk with us, but the walk yesterday at Echo Cove tired my aging pup, and she was moving last night as though her hips were sore. 
Another walk for another day for my sweet and spoiled Jamie Point Dog...........

Montana Creek is located immediately off a side road close to Skaters Cabin.
It is located at the end of the same road which contains both an indoor and outdoor shooting range, so visitors to Montana Creek trails are used to the regular sound of gun fire.
The pictures above and below were taken on the way out to the trail head..........
As we continued further down the road past the gun ranges we were both extremely surprised to see so much snow on the ground.
The woods on both sides of the road were filled with deep snow and surprisingly so was the road.
We were on the Back Loop only a few miles from the restaurant in the Valley.
There is almost no snow in the Valley right now just as there is almost no snow between the Valley and our house.
As we continued to drive the few miles to the trail head the road became more and more filled with ice and snow. 
It was beautiful, drivable, but unexpected...........
Jamie and I have crossed this bridge at the trail head and walked the wide open and flat and gravel trail a few times over the past few months.
My Mountain Boy has not walked this trail before though, and today it was covered in crusty and slippery ice and snow, making walking challenging.
This beautiful bridge overlooking the creek was beautiful in a way that was new to me in this winter season..........
Views of the fast flowing creek, taken in both directions while standing on the bridge..........
We did not walk far today.
We walked only to the end of one short trail that is usually easy to walk on, flat and covered with gravel.
Today though it was a cold walk in the shade, and we found ourselves navigating a trail that was filled with deep snow and was rutted out from snow mobile traffic.
The creek at the intersection of two trails.
The rest of the trail parallels the creek and is a wonderful and beautiful and soothing walk.  
But a longer walk will have to wait for another day..........
Trails veering in two different directions.........
We stopped in the middle of the road for a few minutes to take these pictures.
At Montana Creek we were enveloped on both sides of the trail by tall pine trees. 
Being in the shade, and located not far from the glacier, the place was much colder than expected.
But out in the bright sunshine again the sky was blue, the sun was shining and warm, and I was compelled to stop and take pictures of this beautiful place.
This entire area is filled with open fields, gun ranges and archery ranges.
It is a beautiful and wide open space located deceptively close to civilization..........
How glorious a greeting the sun gives the mountains........John Muir

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  1. sounds like fuzzy nose puppy dog could benefit from chondroitin and glucosamine tabs! Did wonders for aging babies...beautiful photo and descriptions of your daily lives...thanks for sharing. Hope LC is free of the crud soon..spring is just around the corner..then it will be spectacular!