Sunday, February 10, 2019

Walking In The Hills

On an extraordinarily warm winter day early in January, Kory, LC and I hiked in the hills that surround the South Fork section of Buffalo Bill Reservoir.
There was no snow.
The sky was endlessly blue.
The lake was frozen solid, but the air was warm on this unusual January day in the Rockies.
Again I say.............I love living so close to the lake.
And although it has been very cold over the past week in Cody, if we are not going to get any snow, then it just needs to warm up and be done with this disappointing winter.
If we are not going to get any snow, then we need to call it spring so I can dig out my kayak and be on the water.
But I think I may be getting ahead of myself.
It is still only early February and winter will not actually be over for quite a while.
As we began our climb into the hills I looked back over the beige terrain, wishing it were white.
Our huge truck looking very tiny as we continued to climb.....................
Right now the water level is low.
In another few months we won't be able to drive this beach front.
In a few months this will all be under water.................
A few days ago we received a Face Book message from a lady we know in Florida.
She is the same woman who sent out a desperate message blast five years ago, hoping against hope that she would find someone to save a very sad and thin dog from being euthanized.
The dog was scheduled to be killed in two days.
A week later we picked Kory up at the Boise airport.
A few days ago our Florida friend was hoping against hope to find a loving home for a dog that was set to be put down in two days.
This time the dog didn't make it.
Nobody wanted it.
And so it died - along with the other 20 or so dogs that are put down weekly at this shelter - because the facility needed the space.
For more unwanted dogs.
Such a wretched place, made necessary because of wretched people.
I don't know how Kory survived there.
I don't know how she survived long enough to find us.
Long enough for us to find her.
But I'm glad we DID.
Find each other..................
She wanders.
She comes back.
She disappears.
She shows up again - always from some unexpected direction.
She loves, and lives for, all of these quiet adventures that we take together...................
Ice fishing in a cove...................
Wandering up and down a number of grass and sage covered hills, we eventually dropped down to the rocky beach and followed the frozen shoreline as it circled around and back to the truck..............
I've been thinking a lot about Chris recently.
He sounds so distant.  So disinterested.  So vacant.
He's sounded that way for a long while now and I can't do anything about it.
Is he OK?
I don't know.
What thrills him, motivates him, excites him?
I don't know.  
I remember when he used to talk about career and making money.  When he talked about starting his own business.  When he talked about buying property.
He doesn't talk about any of those things anymore.
He barely talks about anything of consequence.
Sounds disinterested in talking to me.
I remember when he talked about no longer dating the woman he was living with.
And yet he is still there.
Years later.
Is he OK?
I don't know.............................

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