Tuesday, July 10, 2018

South Fork End Of The Lake - Part 2

It was just like flipping a switch.
On July 4 it got warm.
And right after that it got hot.
And then it stayed hot.
We moved into our new home last Friday and it was sunny and 95 degrees.
It has been in the mid-upper 90s every day since then and I am already over it.
This Norwegian girl doesn't do heat very well.
Thank goodness that LC found a huge swamp cooler.
We needed a big one to keep a 1650 sq foot home cool, and he found one on a local Face Book classified site just in time.
It keep the house at 68 degrees and that works fine for both of us............
This is one more section of the South Fork end of the Buffalo Bill Reservoir, and these pictures were taken while still shuttling gear down to the house prior to the big move.
As is usual for the west, the weather was all over the map that week.
Cold.  Windy.  Overcast.  Sunny and very warm.  Even snow up in the mountains.................
A large grassy section of land was behind us, but we elected to sit at a picnic table for a time, trying to wind down from the increasing tension and anticipation we were both feeling about the upcoming move.
Sometimes we both have a lot of trouble dialing it back, and we sat and excitedly talked while looking out over the calm lake and monitoring the wandering-progress of our wandering-dog......................
20 minutes after parking in this place we decided to load back into the truck, and make our way down to the trail that took us right to the lake.
We were above the lake in this place, looking out over it but also looking down on it, and we had no water with us for Kory.
After happily wandering for 20 minutes she was thirsty and overheated, and so we climbed back into the truck in search of water..............
Five minutes later puppy was playing in the water...............
This is the same section of the lake as in the previous blog entry.
What a different the weather makes.
One day the sky was overcast, the winds were strong, and the waves crashed into shore as if we were walking along the edge of the ocean.
On another day the sun was shining, the sky was endlessly blue, the water was calm, and the mountains greeted us with welcoming beauty................
Looking for rocks to skip.
Something he did often as a boy.
Something he even did often when we lived in Alaska, but which I haven't seen him do since.
The man has skipped rocks often since we started wandering down to the South Fork..................
And a dog who has spent the past almost-five-years with us, being a desert dog.
All of a sudden I see my lake dog.
My lake dog loving the water.
A runner by design, by breeding and by instinct.
Still not a strong swimmer, but a water lover anyway.
A sweet girl who wanders into the water often.................
We heard them for a while before really paying attention to them.
A group of boys happily yelling at each other and playing in the lake on a very hot day.
From where we stood it appeared that they had found a log to float on together.
A makeshift boat - heavy, unable to be maneuvered, but floating anyway, and as we watched them LC and I smiled.
Enjoying the sight of a group of young boys just being young boys.
No play dates, or organized sports, or expensive toys or helicopter parenting.
Just boys finding something, grabbing something, creating something, being noisily excited about something.
A log that floated.
An instant boat.
Boys just being boys.................
The back side of Cedar Mountain to the right.
To the left?
Maybe part of Rattlesnake Mountain?
I'm not sure.
Still not used to viewing mountains from this perspective...............
A boy's story is the best ever told..............Charles Dickens

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