Tuesday, March 22, 2016

The Noise Inside My Head

Not long after Christmas I was walking with Kory through town and realized that our ambulance had been loaded onto a trailer.
So alright..........it's not actually "our" ambulance.
And it's not actually a functioning ambulance any longer.
In all the time that we have lived in Atomic City, this ambulance had been sitting abandoned and forgotten, resting deep among the out-of-control weeds alongside the raceway.
The raceway has been abandoned and forgotten for well over a year now, but was recently purchased by a man who has high aspirations of renewing races out here this summer, in this tiny town in the desert.
I knew that the raceway had been bought out.
I knew that races would gear up again this coming summer (twice a month through June, July, August and September), but was still surprised to see the ambulance being unceremoniously strapped to a trailer and carted outta here.
In truth, I liked the stupid thing.
I liked the whimsical nature of it.
That the name of our town was painted on the side of it.
Even that it sat abandoned in the weeds unnoticed by everyone but me..................

We are officially into spring now, but with weather still all over the map and entirely unpredictable (we had snow, rain, hail, sleet and snow all just today), and with me so backlogged with winter pictures that I took for months, here are still more of my white, snowy pictures of recent past.
I have iris's already beginning to grow in the yard, but already I miss winter.
The silent, cold, beautiful winter that we just had.....................
Me skiing down the middle of the road in town.
I learned a new skill this winter.
And learned that I am still not too old to learn a new skill................
Random Christmas decorations found in my travels around town......................
The longer I live in this place the more I like it.
The longer I live in this place the less I like going to town.
Throughout this winter I enjoyed quiet walks with my dog, quiet drives with LC and my dog, and quiet time by myself as I trudged in snow shoes or balanced (sometimes well and sometimes precariously) on cross country skis.
I can fake it for short periods of time, but I cannot deal with people for long periods of time anymore.
I need increasing amounts of alone time.
The city is absolutely silent throughout the winter, but there are many times when I cannot hear the silence because of the thundering, endless noise inside the walls of my own head..................
Usually I can find some quote or other online to finish off a blog post.
Something that relates to the topic I have written about, or the pictures I have posted, or the time of year or how I'm feeling or what's happening at any given moment.
I searched for too long and found nothing.
 And so the pictures - of blue sky and endless sun in the middle of winter - of a black and white world disrupted by occasional red and yellow buildings, or red Christmas bows hanging from faded fences and blue Christmas ornaments decorating a little outdoor Christmas tree - will just have to speak for themselves.................

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