Saturday, March 12, 2016

Playing At Catching Up

I have been taking pictures all winter long and barely blogging all winter.
So I am trying to play catch up.
These pictures were taken early in December when we had only a little snow on the ground.
With Daylight Savings Time starting tomorrow and spring right around the corner, we have no snow in Atomic City.
The past weeks have been all over the map the way spring always is in Idaho - warm, cold, sunny, raining.
We are supposed to have more snow over the next few days.
Maybe I will get one more chance to cross country ski again before the season is actually and for real, over.
I know a lady who lives in Challis.
Not well, but I like her.
Without really even planning it, she has become a buyer of sorts for me.
Informally taking on the role of buying things in her area that I can use for my still-floundering but possibly-promising business.
She drives this way frequently for various reasons and we meet each other on the highway at agreed upon times.
 One day still in December I drove 10 miles down the highway, parked the Tahoe, reached for Korys leash and wandered in a large, gravel INL parking area while waiting for the Challis-lady to arrive.
The day - as it always is at that time of year - was cold and silent.
As Kory sniffed and marked this new place I looked around me, enthralled this early into winter at how different the world looked covered in snow.
Picture of the Twin Buttes looking different from this vantage point.
So beautiful in winter................
I have met up with the woman three times now.
The meetings are always brief because she is always on the way to..............somewhere.
A nice woman.  A busy woman.  An easy smiling woman.  Always on the go.
After only a few minutes of business-doing and then personal-chatting we went our separate ways.
She on the way to Idaho Falls, and me heading back towards the house.
On this day I bypassed the house when we arrived back in Atomic City, and instead drove straight over to the Hay Bale Field and a trail that leads out onto BLM land.
We could still easily walk the trails at that point.
There was snow but not a lot of snow, and so I pulled the Tahoe off the road, opened the back door, unleashed Kory and smiled as I watched her joyfully jump down to the ground the immediately delve into the snow........................
Spring is the land awakening.  The March winds are the morning yawn...............Lewis Grizzard

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