Sunday, April 26, 2015

Leadore and More - Part 4

We stopped three times more on the slow, meandering way back down the pass.
Once on a side road that passed over a body of moving water and then simply disappeared into the mountains up ahead of us, once at an overlook and one last time at a campground close to the town of Leadore.
The silence and the beauty of the landscape were overwhelming and (even though we still had hours to drive before we reached home) none of us seemed to be in any great hurry to leave this place.
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One last stop (at the same convenience store in Leadore where we had stopped earlier) to get more ice-cream bars for the road, and then it really WAS finally time to turn the truck towards home.................
The one thing to remember about an adventure is that if it turns out the way you expect it to, it has not been an adventure at all.........Kim Fay

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