Friday, April 24, 2015

Leadore and More - Part 3

We were standing on top of a pass that was at an elevation close to 8000 feet.
LC had pulled the Tahoe off the winding, climbing, dirt road that we had driven from the small, quiet town of Leadore, that was located 8 miles down below us.
It was windy, and the wind was cool and so I grabbed for a light shell, and then  climbed out and grabbed for Kory's leash before she wormed her way out of the vehicle and rushed beyond me, as she was apt to do.
Inadvertently we had taken a day trip to Leadore and then learned that we were close to both the Continental Divide and the Montana border.
On our elevated perch we could look out over the valley and mountains of Montana in front of us, and then the valley and mountains of Idaho behind us.
Aside from the wind this place was absolutely and completely silent.
And also very beautiful.
Knowing that I would want to snap some pictures, LC offered to take our dogs leash so that I could wander unencumbered.
I maneuvered over a steep ditch and headed for a post fence (that I learned once I moved to Idaho is called a Jake Fence).....................
Among many of her instincts is a finely turned compulsion to keep the "herd" together.
Kory gets watchful and on alert if her two people are within eye shot but separated.
Kory watching me closely.
LC watching me closely as well...................
Following along the fence I eventually reached a place where it was beginning to buckle.
It was fallen and falling down in that wonderful way that old wood fences have when they have been exposed to the elements for many years.
I could only imagine how extreme the weather must get at this elevation..................
Standing at the break in the fence, I regarded the double track dirt road for a few moments.
Maybe on another trip we could find out where this road led..................
Heading back to LC and Kory, I grabbed my dogs leash and walked across the road and headed over to the opposite lookout.
LC headed back to retrieve the Tahoe.  
He would meet us in Idaho...............
There are many times when I can almost hear the hamster wheel spinning inside my dogs' head.
I wonder how dogs process new information.
Many times I look at her and wonder what she is thinking.
As she stood looking out over the valley and mountains on the Idaho section of the border, I wondered again what she was thinking.
Almost a year and a half ago she had been living in Tampa Bay, Florida.
And now here she was looking out over...........this.
How did she process that?........................
Bannock Pass:
Looking around me I could see a couple of trails that meandered further into the mountains.
For the first time that day I was regretting that this was only a day trip.
There was so much to see and so much to explore, and I wanted to see it and explore it right now.  Right now - while we were here.....................
30 minutes after we reached the summit of Bannock Pass, it was time to head back.
The dam over on the Montana side of the pass would have to wait for another time.
So would the town of Dillon, Montana.
So would the dirt road in the break in the fence.
So would the narrow and winding dirt trails that led directly into the mountains.
We were three hours from home and it was time to go.
But first there were a couple of places we wanted to stop at on the way back down to Leadore.................

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