Monday, December 22, 2014

Devil Boat

On a day that was very overcast and far too warm for this time of year, we made a brief out-and-back visit to Arco to pick up a few groceries and to gather insurance information.
While LC spent some time talking with an insurance agent, I wandered across the road with my dog and headed towards the sub tower.
The first time we saw the submarine was during our first house hunting trip to the area in the late winter and early spring of 2013.
As we pulled into town (tired from a long trip from Cody Wyoming that included circumventing the then-closed Yellowstone National Park) one of the first things I noticed (aside from Number Hill) was the tower.
As we passed it on the way to the motel I looked at it in surprise, and then actually turned in my seat, still trying to confirm that I had actually seen what I thought I had seen.
I had.  
The very top of a submarine.  Resting in a small park close to the outskirts of town...............
We have stopped at this small park a handful of times over the past year and a half and of course I have since learned the story behind this massive and unexpected black vessel..
A link to information about its journey to the small, high desert, farming community of Arco, Idaho:
Close to the sub tower I found this sign.
It was attached to a small metal building that did not look like a Mega Peace Museum, and when I pulled on the handle to the door I found that it was locked.
Does this museum even exist? 
Are there plans to built a museum in the future at this place?
Was the small stone museum in town that was closed the last time I tried to open ITS doors, this museum?
I have no idea the answer to any of those questions...............
Also close to the sub tower was this torpedo................
The park is only a small green space, but it is an intriguing combination of submarine tower and torpedo and monuments and informational boards.
I love this little place.
It is hugely interesting, located right on the main highway coming into town, and provides visitors with endless information on the surprising navy influence possessed by a tiny town at the base of both a desert and a mountain range in SE Idaho.................
I remember talking to an Arco resident not long after we first moved to this area.
We were talking about the submarine tower and I mentioned that I thought it was funny that a town with such a strong Mormon presence would have a sub tower containing the number 666.
The woman smiled at me and then told me that for a good while after the tower was installed in its new home, it was not unusual to find that the numbers had been painted overnight - the sixes changes to eights.
The numbers had to be repainted back to sixes repeatedly for a while.............
Glancing back across the two lane highway I realized that LC had still not walked outside from the insurance office.  
It was damp outside, and the sky was valiantly fighting a battle between blue sky and grey.
Looking up at the sky I was disappointed.
it had snowed overnight a handful of times over the past month, only to see most of it quickly melt away in the unseasonably mild temperatures of mid-December.
Walking across a quiet side road, Kory and I left the submarine park and slowly wandered towards a Christmas display that was set up in one more small green space.
I snapped a few quick pictures of it, and then smiled each time because somehow a wandering Kory always seemed to manage to get all or part of herself in each shot.
My dog photo-bombing my Christmas display pictures.
Finally she wandered to my right and (struggling to hang onto her as she pulled on her leash, while at the same time trying to keep my camera still with my other hand) I finally was able to get a decent picture.
Glancing across the road again (and still not seeing LC) I turned my attention back to the religious figures in front of me.
They troubled me as they always do when I see these figures.
But someone had taken the time to carve these out of wood, to carefully paint them, to carefully set them up at the edge of town in recognition of the season, and I appreciated the effort.................
Grey sky was reluctantly turning to partially blue sky.
Beyond the temporary Christmas display was a permanent flag display, recognizing all branches of military service.
Looking across the road one more time, I saw my Mountain Boy walking out of the building.
He walked towards the side of the building where the Tahoe was parked, realized that Kory and I were not inside the Tahoe, and I stood and watched him for a moment as he looked around in search of us.
When he saw me I waved, scooped up my dog and crossed over the two lane highway.
It was time to head for home..................
I am not happy without you on this Christmas..........Author Unknown

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