Sunday, August 11, 2013

Newton Lakes

Although I try to keep specific topic pictures in specific topic files (Yellowstone pics, wild mustang pics, Wyoming house pics etc.) I frequently still manage to find pictures in files that I have completely forgotten about.
Such is the case with these pictures.
Sometime in July LC, James and I walked at Newton Lakes just outside of Cody.
These two lovely but small lakes are located off the Belfry Highway - head out of Cody, head towards Clark in no-mans-land desert, turn left 10 or so miles outside of Cody at the shooting range sign, drive a couple of miles and there it is.  Or rather, there THEY are.
There are two lakes at this place, both adjacent to each other and separated by a couple of hundred feet of barren and dry desert land.
To see the lakes, the trees, the grass, the bushes - the green - is always a completely stunning contrast to the beige landscape that surrounds it in all directions.
One more of those "oasis in the deserts" that we occasionally came across in our travels in Wyoming.
The three of us had only been to this place a couple of times over the years and I am not exactly certain why.
It is a quiet and beautiful place surrounded by mountains........................
As I wandered around the gravel parking lot with Jamie I scanned the mountains, enjoying the sight of them and again wondering why we didn't visit Newton Lakes more often.
As I turned back towards the truck I saw my Mountain Boy walking towards me, and we smiled at each when we saw each other.
We both have 454's and we both carry them when we travel into the mountains.
The tourism folks and the forestry folks can tell me all day long that grizzly bear encounters are rare and that nobody has been killed by a bear in X number of years.
But even in the short time we were in Wyoming I knew of multiple grizzly encounters, and met a couple of guys who are now disfigured because of violent and unexpected bear encounters.
My first inclination when LC told me that he was going to carry his 454 was to think that it was overkill.
Newton Lakes are a popular fishing spot.  Hiking spot.  Boating spot.  Picnicing spot.
But I just smiled at my guy instead of saying anything because I have learned over these years with him that he is a cautious man.  A man who spent three years in Vietnam and many years in law enforcement and who learned a long time ago to try and prepare for anything.
We were adjacent to the mountains, and a very large section of Shoshone National Forest was within viewing distance.
No.  Not overcautious.  Just cautious...............
While LC continued to catch up with both me and my furry companion, I spent a few moments watching this fly fishermen work to untangle his line................
I first noticed it one day last summer when I was walking around Beck Lake with Jamie.
During the summer there is something that happens to the light, that makes the world appear very different than it does during the long winters.
The light makes everything look just a little.............different.  The dark colors are darker and more vibrant.  The light colors become almost pastel-like.  A world unexpectedly transformed into muted greens, browns and blues.
I can't find the right words to explain or describe the change because it is so subtle than I don't even notice it when outside.  
It is only when I download the pictures into my computer and look at them more closely that I see it.
While LC took Jamie and began to walk on the trail, I stood at the edge of the bridge watching this fishermen for a few more moments before taking MY turn to catch up..................
This small lake is a beautiful, serene and very quiet place.
A trail circumnavigates the entire lake and the walk is only about a mile in total.
Maybe a little longer but not much.
As I followed my dog and my guy I continually looked to my left, catching beautiful sight of the lake...............
The trail was mostly flat and very easy to walk.
The only consideration was the potential for rattlesnake encounters and I stepped cautiously in overgrown sections.................
One of a handful of fishermen we encountered (both in the water and in boats) during our hot, but short and beautiful hike................
By the time we had reached the opposite side of the lake we were all three hot and thirsty.
I looked at my sweet, old pup and told LC that we needed to stop for a minute so that we (and she) could drink..............
It was VERY hot.
By the time we were three quarters of the way around the lake my dog was beginning to lag, and LC and I were beginning to talk hungrily about the sandwiches we had on ice in the truck................
Trying to cool off the puppy................
With the truck in sight, both LC and I were now both cajoling our dog to continue.
By the time we arrived back in the parking lot I headed to dig out drinks and sandwiches while LC headed down to the water one last time to cool off our dog..............................
Adventure is not outside man; it is within................George Elliot

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