Sunday, August 11, 2013

Doggy Doctors

I have known this dog for the better part of 13 years.
In all that time she has never been sick until this past week.
After a week of lethargy, dry nose,and heavy breathing, we took her to the vet.
I don't know how she knows, but somehow (no matter what state or town we are in) James always knows when she is headed for the "doggy doctor".
Typically it is only for an annual visit to keep her shots up to date.
As soon as we get close to the door Jamie begins to balk, and we invariably have to drag her through the front door, even if it is her very first visit to a particular office.
As soon as she finds her way inside, our single minded dog is headed for the front door, eager to leave.
She hates being weighed.  She hates the nice ladies who always take the initial information.  She hates the vets.  She hates all of it, and when the trauma is finally over our sweet girl enthusiastically bolts for the exit as if to say "Come on momma - let's get the hell outta here!"
She likes people.  
But only on HER terms.
We took her to the doggy doctor yesterday.
Congested lungs.  A temperature.  Blood tests.  Unsure of the origin of her unspecified condition, we walked out of the vet with three different medications to deal with an infection, and directions to pick up fish oil and glucosamine for her aging hips...............

The two pictures of LC and James were taken in the vet office while we were waiting for the results of blood tests.
By the time the vet and her assistant had taken Jamie's temperature and drawn blood, our pup was terrified and shaking.
I sat on the floor for a while holding our girl and then LC took over, as we both tried to reassure our pup that her world was going to be OK...............

Jamie was so exhausted by the time we got home, that we easily pounded the first round of drugs into her before she promptly fell asleep for most of the afternoon.
The vet had promised us that Jamie would feel better very quickly, but both LC and I were surprised to see such a marked improvement in her by evening.
She is improving rapidly.......................

The vet was a sturdy young woman who, as we talked, told us that she was an experienced horsewoman.
She was caring, considerate, informative, attentive, detailed, an obvious animal lover.  In short, everything we had hoped for in a new vet.
When her husband and vet partner walked into the office I smiled inwardly.
A HUGE guy, he looked like a farmer but sounded like a vet as he gave detailed instructions to an associate about medications and dosages and diagnosis.
As we continued to wait for the results of blood tests I heard conversation in the next room about Jack the kangaroo (who had recently had surgery - one of a number of surgeries he has had because he apparently has a propensity to eat things he shouldn't).  Our female vet asked someone where the turtle was.  A dog had been brought in because he had been bitten by a rattlesnake, and was given an IV.  A raccoon was being spade that afternoon.
The conversations were all very foreign but at the same time comfortable and natural, as if turtles and kangaroos and raccoons just wander into the office every day.......................

Meet Jack...............

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