Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Carter Mountain Access Road - Part 3

LC, Jamie and I spent an hour slowly and wonderfully wandering around on both sides of the dirt road close to the turn-around where we had been stopped from continuing further, by a gate that spanned the width of the road.
I was disappointed to be unable to climb even higher, but we had a really nice time exploring this area that was totally new to us.
Mountains close to us, rocks, pine trees, snow, wild flowers, growing grass and growing trees, views of the mountains far in the distance, the reservoir a couple of thousand feet below us, a totally different world from the one we had left behind us "down there".
A rugged, beautiful place..................
On the way back down the mountain we looked to our left and smiled at each other.
In the exact same place that we had seen deer on the way up the mountain, we saw them again on the way back down.
They cautiously peered over the rise, standing entirely motionless and watching us closely to see if we made any sudden movements.
They are sweet, beautiful, cautious, always watchful and wary...................
By this time we had dropped far enough that the thick, high mountain pine trees were a thing of the past.
But I love this picture.
It is filled with endless, muted, faded colors that speak to the archaeological history of this area.
So subtly beautiful...........
The world is big and I want to have a good look at it before it gets dark..............John Muir

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