Monday, May 6, 2013

Neglecting To Blog

I will keep this short and only to say that I have been neglecting this blog but will try to do better.
Life has been busy and complicated and tiring recently.
It has included the eclectic, typically Wyoming spring weather of heavy snows, freezing cold temperatures, and then very warm temperatures.
I have joked that summer this year is August 25. 
The way it's been going recently that may not be so much of a joke.
These past weeks have included a blur of a trip back over to Idaho, with the frustrating reminder that people unfailingly lie.
While smiling at you.
It has included busy times related to the business that I started a few months ago.
I remain a woman living a bi-polar life.  Anyone who knows me or who reads this blog regularly will know what that means.
But the business is moving forward.  Making progress.  Providing me with distraction and a reminder that at one time I was a woman with skills.  Maybe one day it may even provide me with a paycheck.
Maybe it won't.
I will try to blog more regularly.


  1. Wegian ........ I miss you.

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  3. Sarg..........Sarg. I think you already know.