Monday, March 4, 2013

Winter Sunset

It has been a while since I last saw such a beautiful sunset, but the other day I drove home from town, climbed out of my truck and looked west towards the mountains that dominate the landscape surrounding Cody.
I stood beside the dry irrigation canal that is located in back of the house, battling the cold and the wind and welcoming the angry weather that is so frequent in winter.
The early evening was beautiful and so was the sky.
The picture above was taken of the mountain range immediately to the south of Cedar and Rattlesnake Mountains.
As I stood watching the sky it changed from minute to minute, easily and effortlessly transforming from red to orange to yellow to pink.
The picture below is of Carter Mountain, about 45 miles away, and at the end of the Southfork.............
The top of Cedar Mountain.
Barely visible at the very top of Cedar are a series of radio towers.
A link to a hike I took with two other women, up to the top of Cedar Mountain.
Was it really over a year and a half ago?
The orange and pink slowly beginning to creep towards Carter............
This big, tall, friendly boy is named Snipper.
He lives on the property where we rent our little house, about four miles outside of town.
Whenever he sees LC he walks towards him, wanting and then insisting that LC pet him.
They are all beautiful horses on the property, but his tall boy is a friendly people-horse.
He's beautiful.  And I like him.............

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