Sunday, March 17, 2013

Big Lost River Valley, Idaho - Part 2

As we got closer and closer to Jackson Hole, the rugged and snow covered Grand Teton Mountains began to appear in the distance.
We were still high in the mountains, and making our way down the winding and steep pass towards this most wealthiest of Wyoming cities, and yet it felt as though you could almost reach out and touch these iconic peaks.
They are incredibly beautiful, and made even more beautiful (if that is even possible) when covered with snow.
After the beige landscape of Wyoming, the green pine trees, the blue sky and the white snow covered were all very welcome.
Still and always my favorite kind of terrain............
The decent out of the pass saw very few overlooks, but when LC did finally come across one he wordlessly pulled into it, knowing full well that I wanted to take pictures.
I eagerly climbed out of the truck, climbed into the bed of the truck, and stood there for a few moments looking out over this one-of-a-kind scene.
And then I snapped pictures.
We still had a long way to travel and the day was already getting away from us.  I snapped pictures quickly and unthinkingly, in a hurry so that we could keep moving.................
Images taken through the window of the truck as we continued our decent down to the Jackson side of the pass............
The final drive to Jackson Hole took us on quiet two-lane highway, and for the next 30 miles or so I both snapped pictures through the window as we continued our journey towards Idaho, and snapped more pictures when we pulled into one more parking area.
We had places to go and things to do, but this area was too beautiful to pass up.
We had to stop.................
My sweet pup - as usual - with her head stuck in the middle of something interesting, and oblivious to the wonderment of her surroundings..............
We stopped only briefly in Jackson to feed, water and gas up both ourselves and the truck before continuing on.
We passed quickly through the cute, yuppie, ritzy, glitzy, town of Jackson, turned right on the outskirts of town, and instantly began the climb again.
This pass was treacherous - ice and slush filled the winding road, and we both held our breath as we maneuvered through the tight turns and even tighter switchbacks.
A beautiful drive, but I was glad when we had made it through.
Onwards to Idaho.................

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