Friday, March 18, 2011

A New Day Born

 We both woke up early the other morning.
Looking outside I could see that it was going to be a very beautiful and sunny day, and unexpectedly LC asked me if I wanted to go take pictures of the sunrise.
I have seen and photographed many sunsets over the past year but couldn't remember the last time I had been up and out early enough to catch the rising sun.  
I smiled at him and said I would love to.  And I meant it.  
So far things are playing out in Juneau as I expected that they would.
After spending 14 months trusting very little and struggling to read between the lines there is mute satisfaction in seeing everything play out as I thought it might.
It still all bothers me very much.
But it all bothers me less today than it did yesterday.
And tomorrow it will bother me less than it does today...............

We drove out close to the area where we will be living, and the small home we will be renting at least for a while.
About four miles outside of town in horse and farm and rolling hill country.
After some searching we randomly picked a side road that had a hill facing the quickly rising sun, and pulled the truck off the highway and into a small driveway.
I climbed into the tailgate of the truck and took these pictures.
As I looked over in the direction of the sun and saw this lone tree, then as I looked around me at farm country and far off snow touched mountains, I knew that we had picked a good spot.............
 There are farms all over this area that look lovely with mountains in the background............
 This curious horse saw us while he was grazing in a field.
He watched us for a minute until curiosity got the better of him, and he walked up to the fence line to inspect us a little closer............
 Off to the left of the small drive we had pulled into were these four stacked hay bales.
I took all of these pictures within the span of about 10 minutes.
The sky was ever changing as the sun broke over the horizon.............
 I am becoming increasingly concerned about my youngest son Chris.
After he got out of the Air Force he drove up to New Brunswick to spend time with his father and his step sister.
He is having trouble finding work.  Had moved in with his father, then into an apartment, and soon will move back with his father again due to financial reasons.
Early in January he started college and then quit within a month.
And applied for a job at a Staples store this morning.
Honest work is honest work and I don't care if he works in a Staples store if that is what he wants to do.
But I know my son.
And that is not what he wants to do.
I don't hear the swagger in his voice that I am used to hearing.
And from what he is telling me he is not making a lot of friends.
It's tough walking the fine line of being a mother of an adult son.  But I hope he takes me up on my offer to come to Wyoming for a couple of months.
He may be OK.  He may need me.  
I'm not sure and it's difficult to identify long distance.
But I hope he takes me up on my offer to come visit.............
 My curious horse again........
 Within 24 hours of arriving in Cody we rented a storage unit, unloaded both of our trucks and washed both of them.
They both made the move fine and in one piece, so thankfully the pressing concern about both of our vehicles is over.......
The gray begins to fade,
As color creeps from leaf to limb.
The light is slowly seeping up,
From beneath the earth's curved rim.
 The sky blue strengthens slowly,
Glazed with hues of orange and red.
Slowly as the earth revolves,
The sun lifts up it's head.
 Colors shimmer in the light
And shapes begin to unveil.
The trees and flowers separate,
With the dawn light rosy and pale.
 The sun climbs higher in the sky.
It's light shimmering and warm.
All things now are clearly seen.
A new day has been born. 
Jacqui Thornton


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