Sunday, March 27, 2011

It Will Be OK

 We spent a good part of the weekend looking for a reasonably priced bed to purchase and by moving a lot of our personal belongings from the storage unit to the house that we will be moving into.
When we pulled up the sliding door to the unit on Saturday morning we both looked doubtfully at each other.
There was no way that everything we brought with us was going to fit into the small house that we are renting!
And more to the point, neither LC nor I could really believe that we had successfully loaded so much stuff into the back of two trucks before leaving Juneau.
Two mountain bikes, two kayaks, an eight foot table, an old painted wooden cabinet, more plastic storage containers than we could possibly count, and untold amounts of random items that were stuffed into every leftover nook and cranny that remained when we were running out of time.
Our poor overloaded trucks.  
Thankfully we made it in one piece, but I honestly have no idea how.
We found a queen sized bed in Powell - a nice, clean and quiet town about 20 miles from Cody and bought at a consignment store.
Once we moved a good portion of our belongings over to the house we began to unpack.
There are so many plastic containers floating around right now that there is barely enough room for the three of us, but somehow we'll make it work in the end, and this small house in the country (at least for a while until we ultimately decide if this will be home or yet one more temporary stop) will work as well.
The rabbit at the top of the page was jumping around in the yard sending Jamie into a ballistic "I'll rip it a new one" frenzy.
After stuffing her barking self quickly back into the house I took this picture.
There are rabbits all over the yard and it will be interesting seeing how my pup manages her urge to do what dogs typically do to bunnies.
I unpacked a few boxes and found things that I have not seen for 15 months.
It was like Christmas - a pewter collection, some pottery, two ceramic doves that I picked up at a yard sale in Tennessee years ago for 10 cents a piece, a coffee mug with pictures of both of my boys when they were four and six years old, a rock that my youngest son picked up during a walk with me when he was about 12 years old that he thought looked like a buffalo.  I agreed with him and kept it because I liked it and because it will always remind me of my youngest son.
I'll take pictures when I get the chance.
I found an old metal lamp base and instantly realized that I had left the matching metal shade on a shelf underneath the house back in Juneau. 
The next Unabomber Cabin tenants are going to find that beautiful shade and think it unfortunate that they could not find the base.  
Finally, and after unsuccessfully playing "Where's Waldo" during a search for DVD player and computer cords we walked out of the mess that will soon be called "home" and back to the cottage downtown that is right now being called "home".

While walking in town the other day I snapped this picture on a quiet residential side street - whimsical, random, unexpected.........
 On the way out of Powell, with new mattress and box spring in tow, LC and I stopped for a few minutes at this veterans memorial on the outskirts of town.
It is a fitting, creative and respectful memorial.
But what made it extraordinary for the both of us is that it was designed by a Powell High School student who was inspired to create it as a result of stories she had been told by her grandfather who was a POW during WWII.
And that it was dedicated solely by students and staff at the high school.
A wonderful and exceptional and touching tribute to our veterans............
 Around the outside of the stone semi-circular wall are plaques recognizing each branch of service.........
 The inside of the stone wall was filled with plaques, pictures and stories of every member of service who lived in Powell and who died in the line of duty, dating back to WWI.
It was moving.
It was heartbreaking.
To see pictures of boys, to read about the year each one graduated from Powell High School, to read about the units they were attached to, and the wars their fought and died in..........
 The house we are moving into is four miles from Cody and located in farm country.
There are small and large horse farms throughout the area, including six or seven horses on the same property that we are renting.
One of those horses will give birth in only a few weeks.
I photographed this horse while we were driving close to the house..........
 One of a number of herds of black tail deer we saw this weekend in the area............
 A wagon parked in the yard of the house..........
 The weather has been extremely changeable over the past few days.
One minute sunny, the next cloudy, and surprisingly it snowed heavily for about 15 minutes while were unpacking boxes.
From research I have done of the area, Cody seems to get a good amount of snow during March and into April.
We'll see if that typical forecast plays out this year..........

It will be OK it will be OK it will be OK.
On good days I believe that.
On bad days I simply hope that.
It will be OK........

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