Sunday, July 7, 2019

A Brother Visiting

 A few days ago we picked up Gary from the Cody Airport.
LCs brother is visiting.
We are not sure for how long and his visit for unexpected but welcome.
We picked him up late in the day and stopped on the way home so that Kory could run and play at Buffalo Bill Reservoir.
And so Gary could see where we live.
The lake is so close to us.
Only two miles from the house.
And even after living in this home for almost a year now, the novelty of being so close to water (after living in the desert in Idaho for over four years) has not worn off.
I'm not sure that it ever will.
We have walked by the lake in the heat, the wind, the freezing cold, the snow.
We have fished there and kayaked there.
Bicycled there and eaten lunch and dinner there.
We love it at the lake.
The water level is rising fast now.
There are places that we walked all winter that are now underwater.
But the world is green, filled with flowers, and it's beautiful...................
 Brothers don't let each other wander in the dark alone...................Jolene Perry

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