Sunday, May 13, 2018

Morning Adventure - River Walk

On an outstanding spring day last Sunday LC and I walked with Kory at the River Walk in back of town.
There are actually two river walks in town, both of which follow the line of the now roiling and boiling Shoshone River.
The first enjoys much more foot traffic than the second.
Closer to down town, it is more accessible to those who want to enjoy a quick walk outside during their lunch hour.
A quick reprieve by the river before heading back to the grind of living and making a living.
Although the second river walk is still in town it "feels" and "is" much more isolated.
The trail head is located at the end of a new subdivision - a place with tiny yards and tiny front doors and tiny windows and one tiny tree, the way homes in new subdivisions are apt to be.
As soon as you walk through the open gate leading to the trail head you immediately find yourself in beautiful isolation.
The trail is used little and we all love it there...................
The trail initially meanders high above the river, and doesn't drop down to the river proper for 15 minutes.
During that initial wander on flat gravel trail the views are endless.
Cedar Mountain.  Rattlesnake Mountain.  Surrounding hills.  Sage bush and a few trees.
And long stretches of the river..............
By the time LC and I had dropped down to the river Kory had already taken the first of many quick dips.
Her breed was born and bred for running.
She is a Chinook - a New Hampshire sled dog.
There is nothing she ever wants to do more than run.
Running is the biggest joy of her life.
Kory is not a strong swimmer but loves the water, and so quick dips to cool off and take a drink are all she ever wants to do.
She took many quick dips on this day................
Full, fast flowing and freezing cold due to the snow melt in the mountains.................
Pleasing my dog pleases me.
And I love to watch her joyfully running.................
Once we dropped down to the river we followed a series of trails that were easy to walk and that all connected and inter-connected with each other.
An easy and quiet walk on a Sunday morning.
It has been warm and sunny this past week.
Very cold and rainy this past week.
And even.........for a few minutes..........snowy this past week.
Spring is here and everything is turning green..............
Looking back the way we had come...............
Spring forever appears
      the soothing music part
      of lyrics unspoken.
It thaws the frozen fears,
      mends the wounded heart
      that Winter has broken.
~Aarno Davidson

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