Thursday, February 23, 2017

Endless Silence And Endless Noise

These pictures were uploaded a week ago and as I sit here looking at them I find myself bereft of creativity to describe them.
A tired head.
These are fine pictures taken only a mile from town and taken on a fine winter day.
A freezing cold day.  
Filled with snow and endless watery sunshine. 
And a Florida dog who loves to play.
Out in an endless world of endless silence and uninterrupted snow..
Endless silence except for the endless noise inside my head....................
We drove only a mile from town because the remainder of this secondary gravel road had not been plowed.
This road normally leads all the way to Blackfoot.
A secondary road used primarily by those who want to take the "scenic route" back to town, by county workers in no hurry to return to the city and their next call out, and by some who drive from the town bar and who don't want to meet up with law enforcement along the way.
It was closed much of this winter....................... 

But my brain winds and wends. Back and forth. Up and down. It feels like the county fair has inhabited my mind-- complete with sketchy rides, carnies, and sugar-amped kids crying over lost balloons. So loud and disorienting. I want it to pack up and move on to the next town. I want my mind to be an open grassy field again with crickets and dandelions.............Laura Munson, This Is Not The Story You Think It Is:  A Season of Unlikely Happiness......................

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