Saturday, January 28, 2017

Snow - Part 2

We had one more snow storm after I took these pictures, that lasted for two days.
They say we've had more snow this winter than they have had in over 30 years in this area, and I can believe it.
It has been beautiful much of the time.
Troublesome occasionally.
And as I look at these pictures (and the ones I will post next time) I am beginning to get worried about how much water we will have to deal with come spring.
The house lays on a concrete pad, and is not graded well in some places.
Late last winter I opened the front door to lay something down in the mudroom in the front of the house, and was surprised to see 1/2 an inch of water covering the mudroom floor and slowly heading towards the living room.
We spent two days shoveling snow and ice, and shop vacing water.
And now we have so much more snow.
So is beautiful but is becoming worrisome and I am beginning to water the ever-higher snow banks with growing wariness.
Every day I shovel snow away from the house.
Sometimes in front.  Sometimes in back.
But we have three feet of snow laying on the ground, five foot snow drifts and 8 foot snow piles.
The city recently removed a lot of snow from the front of the house, but there is still so much snow everywhere. is what it is.  Everyone else in town is worried about the same thing, and we'll simply deal with it as it comes.
For now it is beautiful.
Making for beautiful pictures.
And fun for cross country skiing.................

The Christmas snowman that we are now using as a snow-depth marker...............
Normally puppy is not allowed to run in the middle of the road, but at this time of year - when it is very quiet, there is little traffic, and when increasingly deep snowbanks line both sides of the road, we cut her some slack................
We also use this truck as a snow-marker.
It has sat silent and abandoned for at least the 3 1/2 years we have lived in this tiny town.
It is an old 1970s truck and for the first time since we got here the snow has reached to top of the flat bed...............
Kory loves the snow SO much.
It is all one big grand, wonderful, amazing adventure for her.
And every winter I think back to the first time she ever saw snow.
We had had her for only a couple of weeks, and she was just beginning to get used to her new family and her new world, that was so different from Florida.
And then one day she and I walked out into the mud room in anticipation of going for a walk through town.
While I pulled my coat on Kory looked outside the glass front door and barked in alarm.
She backed away from the door, walked in a circle and then looked out the window again.
And then backed up and walked in a circle, obviously alarmed.
It was at that moment that I realized that this dog had never seen snow before.
And that she was upset because the world that she was slowly becoming accustomed to had suddenly changed again.
She was very upset.
But only for a while, until we actually took that walk and my new pup learned how much fun snow could be.
Wandering in the back yard.................
Winter is the time for comfort, for good food and warmth, for the touch of a friendly hand and for a talk beside the fire: it is the time for home..........Edith Sitwell

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