Thursday, October 13, 2016

Idaho Falls Greenway - Part 2

Every quarter mile or so along the paved trail of the greenway (which runs for a couple of miles on one side of the river and then continues on the opposite side of the river after crossing over one more bridge) are wonderfully creative benches.
There is one in the shape of a giant fishing lure, that we did not get to on this trip.
This one was in the shape of a fish.
Very cool.
A whimsical form built around function..................
We all weaved in out and out of the trees, wandered close to the edge of the rocks to look out over the river, walked onto the grass to inspect one interesting sight or another and (sometimes) even walked parts of the winding, paved trail that covered the distance of the greenway.
At one point I looked to my left and was surprised to see this wonderful, moss covered beast.
He was knew this summer.
This was the first time I had ever seen the bright green grizzly, and I was instantly enamored.
He was wonderful.....................
After the (dis)organized chaos of the Asian garden, and the small street festival that we happily skipped, and the impatient traffic that begrudgingly stopped for us at the crosswalk, the greenway proper was an oasis.
The eye of the storm.
There were people who wandered by alone or in pairs or with their dogs or on bikes or roller blades, but somehow the world of the greenway was quieter, more peaceful, more serene.
Everyone immediately moved slower and seemed more relaxed when they arrived at the greenway, than those we had seen back in the mayhem of the city.
As I wandered back towards the guys and my dog I watched them all closely.
They were all having a very good time.
I could tell.
And I was glad that these two brothers - who are very close to each other - had found a way to see each other again......................
Flowers everywhere.
Still blooming in early fall....................
One more beautiful moss animal.................
One day I want to visit this Mormon Temple.
I have seen it many times while walking the greenway because it dominates the area and towers over the falls.
I imagine it to be very beautiful.
More on the temple here:

By the time we were close to the intersection of the falls I could tell that Gary was beginning to tire.
We slowed down and I wondered when it would be time to turn back.
We had a lengthy walk back to the vehicle, but instead of sitting and resting on a bench (as I expected him to do) close to the intersection, he continued on, suddenly intent of snapping more pictures.
He was really having a good time.........................
With Gary still watching the falls, LC watching the ducks and Kory curious about every sight, sound and smell around her, I quickly walked across the road from the greenway and snapped these pictures.
If I was a visitor to Idaho Falls, I would definitely get a room at one of the many motels and inns that line the road across from the falls.................
Gary was done.  He was tired and ready to head back.
Just as we all stood up from a bench that was located close to the water LC suggested that he would walk back to the Tahoe and bring the vehicle to us.
That was a great idea!
I stayed with Gary and pup, while LC headed back to retrieve the vehicle and save his now-tired brother from a long walk back.
I thought we might sit and wait, but instead Gary wanted to keep moving - eager to see as much as possible before it was time to head to a restaurant for lunch.....................
Autumn mornings: sunshine and crisp air, birds and calmness, year’s end and day’s beginnings...................Terri Guillemets

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