Monday, August 8, 2016

Doing The Right Thing

Life has been very quiet and the world has been nothing but hot and dry for far too long.
 I am lost and restless and wandering through each day that now seems exactly the same as the last one.
Missing Chris.   Surprisingly missing my sister and her husband.  Missing Sean.  Always.  
Always always always.
A floating mist of loss that has silently wrapped itself ever deeper around my body and my brain................

At the end of a very hot and still day recently, LC and I ventured out onto BLM with our dog, intent of capturing some pictures of a setting sun.
It has not rained in over two months and the green of spring is now long gone.
In its wake is the scorched earth of what is officially known as the Snake River Plain and what locals simply refer to as the desert.
On this day we could still see the vague and hazy outline of the Lemhi and Lost River Mountain Ranges to the north.
For the past few days the mountains have been gone.
Disappeared in the smoke of the endless wild fires that now threaten to overwhelm the west........................
We parked the Suburban at the top of a shallow rise only a couple of miles away from town and set our puppy free to roam.
She has bunnies on the brain right now.
Stalking and chasing mercilessly in her yard as she terrorizes rabbits that live in our wood pile in the back yard.
And doing exactly the same thing while out on BLM land.
Investigating every sage bush, every rock pile, every large clump of dirt in her immediate domain, hoping to flush an unsuspecting cotton tail out into the open.
Most of the time they backtrack and she loses them as they quickly dive into the safety of some small hole Kory cannot reach, but over the past week she has managed to capture two of them.
It does not end well for the bunnies...................
The raceway in town is owned by the same person who owns the bar in town, and he is the same person whose dog attacked me and Kory a couple of months ago.
We do not support either the bar or the race way financially because we have zero respect for the owner, and the raceway is struggling while the bar is thriving...........................
The other day I went onto the bars' Face Book page and found a video from this past weekend.
The owner of the dog-bar-raceway was dancing with the elderly lady whose husband had died, and who needed a great deal of help last summer selling everything from her house to her household belongings to her husbands three garage bays full of tools.
The elderly lady who we assumed would have help from many people in town because she had been a long time resident, but in the end had only us.
We did not even know that she had been in town until I found the video.
Hell..........we didn't even know she was back in the state.
She knew that the dog attacked me and Kory. 
And she looked like she was having a wonderful time at the bar.
Even though we have told her a number of times that she is welcome to stay with us when she is back in Idaho she stays at the home in Blackfoot of the previous owners of the bar.
The ones who didn't help her last year.
The ones who promised to help, but who always seemed to be too hung over when the time actually came.
I showed the video to LC.
We both watched and both felt like chumps.
Like we had been used.
Which (it turns out) we had.
I looked at LC and said "We did the right thing.  And we can't ever go wrong by doing the right thing".
Which is true.
We both believe that.
But we still feel like chumps anyway........................

The time is always right to do the right thing. Martin Luther King, Jr.
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 The time is always right to do the right thing.................Martin Luther King Jr
The time is always right to do the right thing. Martin Luther King, Jr.
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