Wednesday, May 18, 2016

A Family Reunion - Part 4

After dropping Chris at the airport, me and my two visitors drove the few miles to the falls in Idaho Falls.
I had walked the Greenway with LC and Kory before, but had always explored that portion of the greenway to the left of the busy four lane road that crossed over the Snake River.
This time, I decided to pull off to the right of the river, walk in what looked like an Asia garden and then cross over the road before heading for the actual falls.
This portion would all be new to me, and of course the entire greenway would be new to Lisa and Mick.
By the time I had locked the doors of the Tahoe my enthusiastic and eager family members were already rushing down to the boardwalk and busily snapping pictures.
The day was cool, overcast and grey and with so little natural light, some of my pictures were washed out.
Posting them anyway.................
After seeing such exciting places as Niagara Falls and the CN Tower while in Canada, I wondered ahead of time whether or not these two would be bored visiting our rural land and our small towns.
They were not.
My sister had enjoyed wandering a lava field with me out behind town and had enjoyed all of my gossip about the local residents while we walked through town with Kory.  
Both had enjoyed a trip to Mud Lake.  
Mick had enjoyed helping LC and Chris install a headache rack on the truck and trouble shoot a problem with the speedometer in the Suburban.
He had enjoyed the heck out of shooting guns with Chris and LC out on BLM land.
They had both enjoyed eating dinner at the picnic table in the back yard and watching movies at night, and had even enjoyed wandering around Wal-mart comparing prices and looking at guns.
And as I watched them walking along the boardwalk and looking out over the river, I knew that they were enjoying themselves at this moment as well.
Lisa and Mick had big excitement coming up in the future - everything that came with a cruise to Alaska and an eventual flight back home to the opposite side of the world.
So small adventures while they caught their breath were good too.............
As we continued to wander in the Asian garden I looked around me, suddenly regretting that LC had elected to stay home.
We had walked the Greenway together from the far end quite a few times but had never explored this section of it.
It was beautiful here.
I'm not a big fan of Idaho Falls.
Even with only 50,000 people it is far too big for me and almost everything about it is overwhelming. 
Too many stores.  Too many restaurants.  
Too much traffic.  Too much noise. 
Too many too much.
But THIS place - this place with walking paths, unique and artistic benches, the river and falls, the geese, and a general, relaxed vibe as people came to escape the city WITHIN the city, is beautiful and special.................
Picture of the very beautiful LDS Church that overlooks the river.
Taken from the bridge as Lisa, Mick and I were headed towards the main portion of the greenway and river......................
Lisa married this man when she was barely into her 20s.
She has been married to Mick for close to 30 years now and has two sons.
I had no preconceived notions about Mick when I first met him.
Truthfully I had never given him any thought at all.
I knew his name and little else.
The more I got to know him over the span of only a few days the more I liked Mick.
He is soft spoken, and when I first met him (between his quiet voice and his thick Australian accent) the only way I could understand what he was saying was if I was looking directly at him.
Within a day or so I was used to the accent and did not have to work so hard to understand what he was telling me.
He is a quiet man.  Soft spoken. Intelligent.  Intuitive.  Fun loving and fun to be around.
He laughs easily, is curious and asks a lot of questions, is adventurous and loves to explore, is creative and full of entertaining stories.
I am gratified to see that my sister has spent her life with a good man.............
One sunny day soon (before it gets too hot) I want to walk the Greenway with my guy and my dog and take lots of pictures.
Every bench along the walk way is artistic and beautiful, and a unique piece of art.....................
All of my life’s troubles simply disappear when I see my son smile...........Author Unknown

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