Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Nothing In Particular

Walking around the quiet and boring little metropolis of Atomic City at this time of year is like living in the center of some mystical, nature novel.
As we wander down and up every gravel road within the city limits Kory and I manage (without even trying) to set off every dog in town.
Little yappie dog here, two mid sized red dogs there, up and down every street until suddenly it seems that the entire town in barking.
The only dog not barking is mine, and Kory looks at each overly excited mutt with that imperious stare that she has, before eventually moving on.
I'm sure that my neighbors get tired of the barking, but that is their problem to own and not mine..................
As winter continues to close in on SE Idaho, I keep wondering where the bucks are.
There were three of them wandering around town throughout the summer - one large, one very large, and one much younger male.
They roamed together through the summer, wandering throughout town usually late in the evening, all beautiful and healthy looking, and I smiled when I saw them knowing that in a few months they would not be so eager to be in each others' company.
I have not seen them in a couple of months now................

The girls meanwhile (and their healthy and rapidly growing and bounding babies) wander full time in town now.
Now that summer is over (and growing season is long forgotten) I relish the site of them.
There are about 12 does and fawns floating around together, all watchful and wary and all wonderful to see.
Part of the adventure is never knowing where and when they will appear.
Sometimes Kory and I walk around a corner and come face to face with one or more deer.
They can be grazing anywhere in town, can be standing watching us from the middle of a road, can be resting under trees or up against a building or under rows of shrubs in someone's yard.
Their expected (and unexpected) appearance is always a magical moment of discovery.
One of my favorite things about living in this tiny town................
Throughout the summer I am woefully aware of the fact that we live in the desert.
The sky rarely varies from sunshine and blue sky.
A monotony that I never anticipated.
It rains for a while in the spring and then finally stops.  For months.
The ground gradually becomes more and more parched as we move deeper and deeper into summer.
 The trees gradually begin to almost groan out loud for water.
 I watch for snakes during every step I take, and I am reminded that the nearest body of water is more than 30 minutes away.
Summer is the season that I put up with, in order to be able to enjoy the rest of the year.
The constantly changing sky.
The rain then the snow then the rain again.
The frozen mist that completely envelopes this town.
It changes every day, and suddenly it doesn't FEEL as though we live in a desert anymore.
On this particular evening there was a low wall of clouds that completely encircled the town, and as Kory and I wandered I was in awe of how low the clouds had dropped.
A straight line wall of cloud that looked (from where we stood) as if it were only a few feet above the ground...............
One yappie little dog that has no idea just how little he is.
When we walk by, this little guy scurries underneath his front fence and then bluff charges Kory for 10 minutes, before finally letting out one final bark, turning and heading back towards home......................
One more deer leg that Kory carried home from BLM land.
This leg has been buried in two or three different places in the yard
She has brought a number of difference "treasures" home with her over the past few months.
There is no telling what exactly is buried back there now..................

“What do you call yourself?" the Fawn said at last. Such a soft sweet voice it had!
"I wish I knew!" thought poor Alice. She answered, rather sadly, "Nothing, just now."
"Think again," it said: "that won't do."
Alice thought, but nothing came of it. "Please, would you tell me what you call yourself?" she said timidly, "I think that might help a little."
"I'll tell you, if you'll come a little further on," the Fawn said. "I can't remember here."
So they walked on together through the wood, Alice with her arms clasped lovingly round the soft neck of the Fawn, till they came out into another open field, and here the Fawn gave a sudden bound into the air, and shook itself free from Alice's arms. "I'm a Fawn!" it cried out in a voice of delight. "And dear me, you're a human child!" A sudden look of alarm came into its beautiful brown eyes, and in another moment it had darted away at full speed.” ................Lewis Carroll, Alice's Adventures in Wonderland And Through the Lookin
g Glass 

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