Monday, June 22, 2015

First Summer Camping Trip - Part 6

With the brakes no longer smoking and with my manure-covered dog cleaned up, we all three loaded back into the Tahoe and slowly eased our way another mile down hill before pulling into the empty parking lot of an old mountain-surrounded mining museum.
By this time the sky was completely grey.  The sun had fought but ultimately lost the battle for dominance of the sky, but it was now also very cool and I looked forward to walking the trails of the outdoor museum for a short while before turning the truck towards Atomic City.
The pictures speak for themselves.
Click on any picture to enlarge...................
We were the only visitors to the museum and we wandered slowly and easily, enjoying the silence of the place and enjoying seeing and reading about what life was like in this small mining town well over a century ago.
We were surrounded in all directions by mountains...............
I love this picture of my dog.
She spent the entire trip home sleeping comfortably among mattresses, sleeping bags, pillows and cushions in the back of the Tahoe.
We had only been gone for a couple of days.
It was a whirlwind trip.  
Salmon.  Stanley.  Mormon Bend.  Bayhorse.  
VA.  Hitch hiking river guide.  Salmon River.  Stanley Lake.  Boating.  Camping.  
Rain and sunshine and clouds.  Heavy fog.  
Busy campgrounds and empty campgrounds.  
Silent places and noisy places.
Smoking brakes and filthy dogs.
Fried chicken and plenty of coffee. 
After only a couple of days of ups and downs, and of successes and failures, we headed home...............

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